FaceBook Fails. . rm organizing an event the weekend for people who cannot gamete. db You Ike this. l, -Pieace let me know f you can' t come. an minutes ago . U
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FaceBook Fails

rm organizing an event the weekend for people who cannot gamete.
db You Ike this.
l, -Pieace let me know f you can' t come.
an minutes ago . Unite "o I person
thate walking through parts alone leis at night. Makes me wonder MW i Home
a rapist in the first piece.
Tou, Lynsey:. . . . . "anti anothers like this,.
December 22, My
Just got this DVD "Hot And Horny’ Housewives Do Anal 3". Do you
thinki will understand what' s going on if We not seen 1 and It
amassed -loke' datperson
late e . mento,
an frank is the dumbest book ever., she mostly; writes about stuff no one
cares about
5 people like this.
Noah..) right its so boring
17 minutes ago . Like
Cole .'. are ahahah Rhee
16 minutes ago . Like
Jeff '. , . Gabi is so herring she mostly writes
about sit noones cares about?
15 minutes ago . Unlike - , 4
Why cant rappers rap about something nice. Like 'Girl Imma Take DH Your Clothes
And EEO give them to that homeless guy cause he' s cold.‘
3 mine tes we ' Like
vir. iii comment, ..
My cat ate bieber poster: . r
Tour WEI.
who' re that good wilt computers?
31 minutes ago ' Like
that awkward moment when lil was-' picks up a guitar..
Like -Comment 'Yesterday at 10', 3. . p. . it
lrl. likes this,
still Imparting for that awkward moment when he
picks up his pants.
Yesterday at 11: I Like I , 10 people
moo are dangerously dose to limited profile
19 hours ago . Like
15 More ago r Like
Fest .
Aaron .
I never get tired of hearing those three little words.
is:. i. August at : Mobile 'Like 'Comment
i Sarah ‘Is it in?"
14 August at 23: ? k Like . , 5 people
E Like - Comment ' 2 ago via B! cei. - ht
sh 3 people like this.
Taylor Literacy = Lil
about an hour ago . Like
Collin went from being "in a relationship" to "single-"
Like . Comment . ll hours ago
10 hours ago . Like
Ruth What the hell happened???
i ll 3 hours ago - Like
Avery know what? ‘too could have at least waited
until i responded to the tweak up text you sent me.
3 hours ago . Like
Signing into Roebuck and talking to anyone
Just stare at peoples statuses like
something is
wrong with
these people
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#1 - underlois (04/07/2014) [+] (1 reply)
Oh thank God OP censored all those bad words..My little innocent mind couldn't handle such foul language
User avatar #5 - monswine (04/08/2014) [-]
you stretched the definition of fail in the beginning there.
User avatar #4 - ljxjlos (04/07/2014) [-]
To be honest, tho - The Diary of Anne Frank was terribly boring...after all it wasn´t intented to be interesting.
#3 - anonymous (04/07/2014) [-]
How are these fails you ******* retard?
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