FJ Story time… {ENLARGE}. Have a story, comment and ill make more ^.^. i " - purpleapple Tel (1 reply) tga. _ asai. cai babysitting 11 year old boy cousin and 8 FJ Story time… {ENLARGE} Have a story comment and ill make more ^ i " - purpleapple Tel (1 reply) tga _ asai cai babysitting 11 year old boy cousin 8
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FJ Story time… {ENLARGE}

FJ Story time… {ENLARGE}. Have a story, comment and ill make more ^.^. i " - purpleapple Tel (1 reply) tga. _ asai. cai babysitting 11 year old boy cousin and 8

Have a story, comment and ill make more ^.^

i " - purpleapple
Tel (1 reply) tga. _ asai. cai
babysitting 11 year old boy cousin and 8 year old girl cousin
boy cousin with super mane 64
says she needs to go pee
her where the bathroom is and go in with her
says "hey you cant be in here, too!" with the ever
her its okay I need to show you something
Iheart beating 100 miles an homophile Hake oft my shorts and show boner
stares at it while she peas
pl tell herb grab it and she does
Clerks me affend I' m aboutit come
year old suddenly opens the door
galon the flour
walks the dinosaur
I' m probably late to the story telling, but here goes!
16, still a virgin, hanging with a couple friends front high school
Watching Disney movies, singing along to The Lion King
4 people are here including me, we' ll call them guy 1 . and girl 1 and 2
guy 1 and girl 1 go the living room
supposedly getting food
Still watching movie with girl 2
she gets a little excited
Spaghetti starts flawing, butthen I hear sounds from the living room
Sounds like a a penguin goth it on
look over at Girl 2, at some point she had completely stripped
Kinda have ED, mostly a mental thing, still can' t get it up
All ofa sudden hear screaming from the living room
Go outta the Living room and see Girl 1 and Guy 1 getting iton, and girl mom screaming bloody
They don‘ t re, still going at it
Guy 1 gets hit by mother, cums in Girl 1
MFIN Girl 1 was pregnants weeks later
1 (1 reply)
me, 15
am to menus house for a tournament, we got Smash Bros and Taken, shits sh
invites his girlfriend. and alanine invites His girlfriend
at was expecting more Ma sausage nests bullies is okay
hours into the the older brother duly mend wines home from work (he also likes vidya games)
Airings weed and been my r: ortal. laed immediately tent. -sizes getting smashed and playing smash
comes and starts gaming with us, lighting up the two bones tom a bend, ore ''fuing
are passes itle me, Hake land hatstand 'siter''
Annie point everyone around me has drinking or is drunk
and brothering the only ones who
pl reel urge to shiteating, paired with immense hunger
at litthe and grab a bag of salt& and go tattle power
to the bathroom downstairs. occupied, so I go to the ensuite bathroom otme Friend' s parents upstairs
Dislike 2 in the morning emits point
doom the bedroom is agape, so I enter and walk to the washroom
on the toilet... and here Mew sexualise sounds outside
we me, Iii, help good friend throw hugs party
warty is outside, big bonaire, tents, aboutit people there
wreak way too much.
arted with girl from school. but neither Mus did anything( later dated her, still am)
had to leave go home, her handpicked her up
iwonder around in a drunken wasteland
people passed out on ground
center friend' s tent
rrandom guys and girls making out
ffriend in tent isjust chilling, looking confused as I am, also alumna black out.
rrandom guys and girls swap partners, start taking oilpants.
gget super welded out and stumble out often
some hilarious things happened at said party, butthen arent relevantly this story.
Go to E partyvan' we
Go with n small gaggle
keg Ssk r: an‘ idrink so I go far the shots
Settled quickly, all my are new stupid shit
Taking blackmail pictures for tomorrow gets boring at on
on to the , wash whee because the tucker
Suddenly I hear footsteps. m not alone anymore
remotes kaak in
up tucks given I open the sink chipboard and crawl in
than the doom two peepi! burst in, in the process wiles
s (AN! social paranoid outer)
r. , ' s his who limit Home and his dog on are (Another story)
MM Thasts attempting perform Armstrong com Banana grabing
thaws no on " sandwhich Itn hiding in, shits like a shitty ammo
make more .
C littlebit pi (Manila) two
we he it
naes_ peoplee_ lameass - 1 - S t: s top
an no - wrst,
writ enemy shepard an timed, d' innit
m oposing mind he Mamm, tootsxd h him hp, disoriented h Sign his blatant Mxa (l ' N , aiu" traf
hi he _, multiplay dim or in rhinitis and alert
shaming mailman '_ ' and a hedged % i inside
grip and ' he mini is prev damn rig, on as him not was i who in
end up wing In mum one lettin on in has pmed i an in a this maad,
giggle u haw - billion in no non, mating armor
Mill]! op“, in rt BURNS“ taxman no people some in and hunt: but
than behind tum, about , TOP' no mined ' in on mirth hem
New Zanzoltan hewing was and , heerr) able h bee no
mainly ll his " like a goddamn am
know ml has uni with know rm hereon high h " m_ it scheme would how %adda, new a geary, % who he was his we
poll blame! up higher, an heehe ' , aod more c& o, he mitts gammy TNT louder and
Think Ne had enough once in the sink, Itn in his projectile vomiting hinge
ts a big house, the ware wing in is empty, cant even neuritis window sheltering beats here
Any searies?... Pose them in
the comments and I will
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