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Happened a few days ago at work, I'm a manger at at a dollar tree. I'm just gonna repost my comment from another feels post.
eminds me of a moment at work the other day that made me quite sad... Their was this young boy at the store about 6 or 7 id say he was either autistic or had downs syndrome, not sure 100% either way. Anyways he was their with I guess his mother, maybe an aunt or something and when they were checking out he pointed to the fake flowers and asked if they needed more flowers for grandma's grave. The lady he was with then said no we have some already and he proceeded to say how he missed his dad. The lady then said well you just have to talk to him in heaven... He kinda prayed out loud and said I want you to come home dad. The lady said I don't think daddy is able to come home right now... ohh the feels...