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(10/24/2013) [-]
>have a pet guinea pig
>Love him very much
>He was perfectly healthy on a saturday. Doing normal piggie things
>Next day at work, mom comes to the store and informs me that he was acting weird
>Gonna have to take him to vet
>Can't leave work, but i get really upset and pretty much cry in front of customers and co-workers all day
>The following night, i try to feed my piggy because he hadn't eaten or drank at all
>Tried to force feed him, but he kept..sneezing the mushed up food out
>Put him to bed, and hope he'll be ok enough to take him to vet the following morning
>Take him out of cage the next morning, it is a monday, he is really weak and slow, have to get to vet immediately
>He's progressively getting worse
>Vet says he's not going to make it, they give me a chance to say goodbye
>crying so hard that the entire clinic could hear me
>he died in my arms
>wrap him up in his favorite little towel, and vet offers to bury him in his backyard
>kiss and pet his body one last time before leaving

He lived to be 8 years old. It still feels weird being in my house and not seeing him there