FAQs: Background. reuploaded for censored horsetits In most roleplay systems, creating a character primarily revolves around determining the stats, class, and s FAQs dungeons and Dragons background character creation roleplay tabletop gaming TG PnP
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FAQs: Background

FAQs: Background. reuploaded for censored horsetits In most roleplay systems, creating a character primarily revolves around determining the stats, class, and s

reuploaded for censored horsetits

In most roleplay systems, creating a character primarily revolves around determining the stats, class, and skills of a character. This tells players, and the GM, about that character’s current state, and hints somewhat what they chose to focus their life around in the past, but does not necessarily completely reveal the past of a character. For some games, this is fine; the characters have amnesia, the only goal is to make a party go beat up some monsters, or adventurers spring whole-formed into the world. In other systems, especially those where a lasting and complex campaign is expected, more background is an often necessary piece of character creation.

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Using resources

There are a number of resources available to people who want to develop a background for their character, but don’t feel that examining their stats will give them enough to work with. For example, Errant Dreams provides a (rather large) PDF called “365 Questions”, which provides (unsurprisingly) 365 questions for players in order to help them flesh out the backgrounds of their characters. These range from questions like “how does your character feel about her name?” to “what was the luckiest thing that ever happened to your character?” Similarly, Treasure Tables provides suggestions in a PDF called “More is Better” which focuses on using group dynamics to help drive background creation. They suggest discussing your character ideas with your gaming group, bouncing ideas and questions off one another to come up with a more complete picture.

On the other hand, it is entirely possible to adapt the background generation systems of various games to help in the creation of a character’s history in any system. Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu follows a similar system to the one mentioned earlier in this article, pushing players to question why their stats are what they are from an in-character perspective. Palladium’s various game lines universally include a random roll table that can determine the ethnicity, age, family relations, and personality of a character, to further deepen a character’s history. Another excellent system for determining is that of Spirit of the Century from Evil Hat Productions, which encourages players to write out information about their previous adventures in which other players’ characters guest star. That method gets players talking and does a great deal to drive connections between them. These are only a few of the games that include character background as a part of mechanical character generation, and if you find one that works for you, try adapting it to any game you play. It’ll help you have more to work from and provides your characters with more flavor that can help add depth to your games.
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Some people really want to come up with backgrounds for their characters on their own, but don’t necessarily know where to start. There are several clues within the normal character creation process that can help inform a back story. Chief among these are the character’s stats. If the character has a high charisma, there should be a reason. Perhaps it is because they are physically captivating, which certainly would have affected their childhood, making them popular or much sought-after. Alternately, the character may have incredible oratory and performing skills honed with years of practice. Similarly, a character with a high strength may have worked hard to gain muscle mass after years of bullying or an intelligent character may have been raised in an expensive private school. Players can still pick the stats they want, but just a little consideration could explain why those stats are the way they are, beyond their relationship to what is good for the character’s class.

Alternately, the background of a character can come out of their skills. If a character has a high riding skill, consider what childhood events or job positions might have led to such a skill. Similarly, if a character is a strong swimmer, which is often rare in my group’s games, think about where they must have lived to develop that skill. Class can be used in much the same way. Considering the reason why the character would have wanted to be that class can be a great deal of help. Perhaps the bard is descended from a long line of bards who served the kings of a once great empire, or the rogue was abandoned as a child and chose to join the thieves guild because they promised warmth, food, and safety. When making a background out of character creation features, the most important thing to do is to ask why. So long as you’re considering what things might have caused the character to become who they are currently, you’re mining fertile territory for a background.
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Question for you.
I've always been interested in trying out DnD, but my friends aren't as nerdy as I am.
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Argh, all this DnD stuff being uploaded reminds that I haven't had a chance to play in months, because everyone's too busy. I miss my sorcerer dammit!
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