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#3 - harbingerwolf
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That's pretty awesome, we kinda have a similar cat with his back ground at least.
He was owned by some OAP my nan knew, she told everyone he was hyper aggressive, constantly lashing at her feet and biting her legs raw. The vets told her he needed to be put down and she agreed. Luckily we found out and went to see the cant, he ended up coming home with us.
He is one of the most awesome cats i have ever known, he acts like a dog at times aswell as being extremely loving. He is rarely aggressive, but even then its probably due to him being owned my an elderly lady misreading playing as aggressive behaviour.

In the mornings you can find him sat on one of our chests licking out arms to get up, when we go out he'll sit on top of the get looking waiting the whole time for the car to get in. If anyone goes for a walk around the area he'll follow us the entire way, facing up the german shepards and not budging.

He also loves trampolines and licking feet.