Explaining gravity to sciencexplain. Question everything. Maybe. dfynn stopped the atmosphere as well then at least same planes would be flying forward still (s why
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Explaining gravity to sciencexplain

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Maybe. dfynn stopped the atmosphere as well then at least same planes would be flying forward still (specifically fighter planes), but most passenger planes would end up flying sideways, too fast or backwards, causing them to be ripped apart. dfynn elem atmosphere it
would generate insane winds, the effect inwhich I' m certain of, but they would probably knock planes out ofthe sky, though it ism inconceivable that afew could survive. That said, they would allele very seen after due to the myriad negative effects stopping the planet like
flatworld have '.;
feel free to correct me and elaborate dfynn like.
i, Atmosphere remaining the same, planes would be afin the right direction andthen regulate. Facing the otherway, the immense pressure would crush them nase first andthey would probably explode. Tell me though, ofthe atmosphere was stopped,
then wouldnt the C) -Zorse layer be defective? The answer is yes. Then, things would slowly rise and be pulled upwards, hurtling into space at about .
55'.‘ 'i, Whywould people rise? What to en with the name layer?
i [A 'i, Right, basically what I' m saying wouldnt happen, but its an expression . No C) -zone layer means we have m atmosphere. With no atmosphere, when we go into the anothere is m gravitational pull fram us to the Earth. Therefore, when we are up and it stops, we
propel forward with the continuing speed we had before but as we are going forward, gravity cannot act like normal. Think ofthe mann. Hardly any gravity exists M the mann because it doesnt have an atmosphere like we do. Gravity lacks strength with m atmosphere,
we cannot be pulled down by gravity. We would possibly off, but there is still wind resistance existent without an atmosphere.
ii‘ .1 'i, , i' m gonna have to nnw. Gravity is a product nimals and has nothing to en with atmosphere. The men' s gravity is weak because the Moon is much less massive than the Earth, not because it doesnt have an atmosphere.
i [gr 'i... Imps, my bad. iwas really tired. Whail meant was that the theaterthe mass, the theaterthe gravitational pull. The gravity also keeps atmosphere in place. I really need same sleep, We been doing too much lab work recently.
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