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Girl, 11, will be Britain' s an (C) W,
youngest mother
A girl is to become Britain' s youngest mother after becoming pregnant at TI.
The girl smokes filo despite being eighteenths' pregnant. She / A ti ' 's",
trry, 7/, fls', 1." w ens e es ea eye ma run en org [i' Representative
The has since been charged with rape by police, and is due to appear
again at Edinburgh on July" 10. ! .
Pat', all Flexible
Her mother, who gave birth to child eight months ago, said at ffi
she was ‘proud offer daughter.
She will be ‘ years and S months when she has the child next month. Jenny League,
Britain' s youngest mother until now, was a month she gave birth in -1997.
How can we best tackle this problem? Tell " in reader com ments below slain; Ts
The youngster, who lives near Edinburgh, says looking has viii! ! Bitly. I u;., ._ L
prepared heifer motherhood.
But the girl admits she "panics and cries" when babies are unwell and does not feel
ableto bethlehem.
The , who cannot be namedrop legal reasons, had unprotected sex with Like Faun“
the teenage boy, who also cannot be identified, while drunk last August. i! ', 'la'
She togethe Sun: n didnt think I' d get pregnant because it was my first time. But I' m TUBE?
really excited and looking forward to being a mum.
F x Factor' s Sam Bailey
n can' t wait to take the baby swimming and out for walks in the pram. I think I' ll be able shows oft her Slimline
to cope as I' had lots of practice looking after my brothers. In stunning tatted
n know how to feed a baby its bottle moi can change nappies. Soil panic and cry if ontent .atter) osrry nearly
they' re sick moi don' t like giving them a bath because I' m a bit frightened. two stone in weight
omber, 36,
Irs giotto know I' ll have my mum here to help me ifl need her." looks incredible
Concerned she might be pregnant, the girl visited a Guthrey times but tests proved _ _
negative. She truth after buying a homesteading kit from a supermarket. F Flest picture otc
Factor' s Tamera Foster
Merino device displayed one blue lines, indicating she was pregnant, she pleaded and One Derection' s Niall
with animale relative to break the news to her mother. The girl, who has been Horan as she talks
hermrat year school fornicating, said: n was paranoid about their
about what my mum was going to say andjust frightened about being pregnant too.
n knew straight away thatl couldn' t have an abortion because thats something I don' t Gushed' he' s so cool'
F Has she tonally found
n was upset and so was my mum, especially as she' ajust had my wee brother. We her Romeo? Taylor stein
had a big argument moi ended up locking my room and running away to a '
friend' s. date' with Douglas Booth
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