Edd, Ed, & Eddy feels. this a repost, this is the repostiest repost that has ever been reposted, someone please give me source.. ..that makes me sad... edd ed and eddy feels sad
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#1 - swagasauruss (10/06/2013) [-]
..that makes me sad...
User avatar #5 - indecisivejew (10/06/2013) [+] (2 replies)
So, the artist changed the art style because they thought the original looked like a cartoon that one of them would draw, yet the artist changed the artstyle to anime. Do they really think that anime makes it looks any more realistic?
User avatar #8 to #6 - epicsandvich (10/07/2013) [-]
I kinda disagree. It's an acquired skill to draw in an anime-like style, and that's okay if he/she wanted to draw the characters this way. But for the intent of feels to come across, it would've been better to at least have some semblance of the original three Eds.

User avatar #4 - captainprincess (10/06/2013) [-]
Three reasons why I did not succumb to feels.

Eddy is not blonde.
Girly animu faces make me laugh.
That teary-eyed Edd near the bottom has a face like a fat banana.
#2 - ihaveabigpenis (10/06/2013) [-]
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#7 - doctorkolo (10/07/2013) [-]
If I haven't seen it, it's OC to me.
If I haven't seen it, it's OC to me.
#3 - semilunarknight (10/06/2013) [-]
**** ...I thought I'd become immune.
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