Eagle plot hole explained. . I think everyone knows the eagle 'plot hole' in The Lord Of The Rings. Why didn' t they get the eagles to fly the ring to Mount Doo lord of the rings eagle Plot hole
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Eagle plot hole explained

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I think everyone knows
the eagle 'plot hole' in
The Lord Of The Rings.
Why didn' t they get the
eagles to fly the ring to
Mount Doom?
My theory is that
Gandalf planned on
doing exactly that.
I' ll explain chronologically.
Gandalf goes to Saruman looking for help after learning
Frodo' s ring is the One Ring, they need to come up with a
plan for destroying it. But Saruman reveals that he' s working
with Sauron and imprisons Gandalf for not joining him.
Gandalf needs to escape and he also now knows he has to
come up with a plan for destroying the ring by himself.
When he thinks to get the eagles to help him escape it
sparks the ideas that he could also have them help get the
ring to Mordor. After all, he' s not an idiot.
When he escapes on the eagle he doesn' t go directly to
Rivendell to meet the hobbits, he first goes to meet the
eagles where the eagles live which we know from The
Hobbit is in the northern parts of the Misty Mountains, on
the eastern slopes.
Gandalf and the eagles discus the plan for the eagles to take
Frodo and the ring to Mordor and the eagles agree to do it.
They would have the element of surprise and much greater
numbers if they did end up having to fight the Nazgul.
This plan is the only plan that has any reasonable chance of
success. Gandalf and the eagles agree that the plan should be
kept very secret. If Sauron hears about it he' ll realize the one
weakness in his defences and quickly try to protect himself
against it, and there goes the one advantage his enemies
Gandalf can' t risk losing this advantage so he tells no one
when he arrives at Rivendell. Nobody can know the plan until
they reach the eagles and are flying on their way to Mordor
because if they' re captured they could have the plan tortured
out of them - in the same way Gollum had the location of the
ring tortured out of him. When they leave Rivendell they' re a
group of nine, not a just Frodo, Sam and himself like he' d
planned for. But that' s fine, he thinks, there are plenty of
eagles to carry them.
Gandalf just has to get the fellowship to the other side of the
Misty Mountains and go north to meet the eagles where they
live, because meeting them anywhere else would mean a
greater risk of being seen by the enemy. He can' t take any
chances of the his plan being discovered in any way and is
being extremely careful because as far as he knows the
survival of Middle Earth rests on the secrecy and success of
his plan.
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User avatar #2 - wcpapier
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(08/05/2014) [-]
I thought gandalf wanted to go over the misty mountains because he was afraid of the balrog.
#1 - thearcher
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(08/05/2014) [-]
Far over....The Misty Mountains Cold....
User avatar #5 - guardianatreyu
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(08/05/2014) [-]
User avatar #4 - nutsfromahippie
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(08/05/2014) [-]
It was never a ******* plot hole as all this eagle ******** was explained in the books, jesus ******* christ, i dont mind if you've not read the books but don't ignore them then say there was a ******* plot hole.
#3 - hackenschlock
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(08/05/2014) [-]
I think the eagles were never a viable option while Sauron was still alive and in power. He would surely get reports of these massive birds flying towards Mt. Doom, and be able to stop them using the Nazgul, Projectiles,or some type of dark magic. Sauron is also intelligent and has been around for awhile, so the eagle scenario likely crossed his mind and was planned for.