Dont hurt the baby. shes smoking hot. STEPHANIE , I The I‘ - Time eloise Williamson. 35. a Bullitt Avenue resident, wearies about feet can her unborn child Hem  lady jackhammer
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Dont hurt the baby

shes smoking hot

STEPHANIE , I The I‘ - Time
eloise Williamson. 35. a Bullitt Avenue resident, wearies about
feet can her unborn child Hem the ')r. fmri, i Elf El?
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Submitted: 07/19/2014
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User avatar #1 - ldmultipass (07/20/2014) [+] (8 replies)
It's scientifically proven that jackhammers cause autism.
#6 - agentmoleman (07/20/2014) [+] (1 reply)
I should buy a jackhammer..
#9 - anonymous (07/20/2014) [+] (16 replies)
A woman has every right to smoke if she's pregnant because it's her body. Criticizing her for making a life choice is sexist and inappropriate.
#17 to #9 - manofiron ONLINE (07/20/2014) [-]
#4 - douthit (07/20/2014) [-]
#16 - grandmabetty (07/20/2014) [-]
#5 - eatingbiscuits (07/20/2014) [-]
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#8 - bobbysnobby (07/20/2014) [+] (2 replies)
User avatar #35 - fargfive (07/20/2014) [+] (3 replies)
I want to buy a jackhammer. Screwing around with one seems like it'd be fun as **** .
User avatar #36 to #35 - altairibnlaahad (07/20/2014) [-]
It gets very tiring
User avatar #43 - hattheifbatman (07/20/2014) [-]
"The baby is dead and this is all because of those jackhammers" as she blows a puff of smoke
User avatar #40 - respectyourmom (07/20/2014) [-]
that has to be an Oops! child because this woman is well into her 40s
User avatar #50 - whypop (07/20/2014) [-]
Oh hey, I remember this repost.

I live on this street.
#49 - anonymous (07/20/2014) [-]
Why does she look 50
#47 - anonymous (07/20/2014) [-]
This infuriates me. My mother was addicted to pain killers and was an alcoholic when she was pregnant with my sister. She has multiple handicaps, is unable to communicate and has a seizure condition. I wish I could take a jackhammer to this woman's face
#38 - cannibalvegan (07/20/2014) [-]
**cannibalvegan rolled image** When someone tells her smoking hurts the baby.
#32 - oslikriko (07/20/2014) [-]
Roanoke, VA mentioned. Swell with pride. Long live N&W J Class 611! My Granddaddy worked on that railroad.
#31 - anonymous (07/20/2014) [-]
I know so many dumb cunts I went to school with that are now pregnant and still smoking cigarettes and weed. Pisses me off so much. Am I horrible for wishing a miscarriage would happen to some people?
#28 - anonymous (07/20/2014) [-]
Roanokefag reporting in, I drive on this intersection every ******* day. That's Bullitt Ave and 8th SE. I can't tell you how many times I've seen this article.
#24 - anonymous (07/20/2014) [-]
This is very old, but the first time I've seen it without the jackhammer part highlighted and the cig circled. I wonder where this unaltered version came from.
#18 - bagpipe (07/20/2014) [-]
**bagpipe rolled image**
**bagpipe rolled image**
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