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My box of tissues, It knows that I have issues-------------------------------------------------------
Their purpose I misuse-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
For this poem they are my muse------------------------------------------------------------------------

A tissue so soft to the touch--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---
In my hand, I tightly clutch-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------
Waiting for the explosion----------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
To clean my body, of cum and lotion-------------------------------------------------------------------

When I am sick they are there.-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
To allow me to blow my nose, and breathe clean air---------------------------------------------
Wipe my eyes so I can soon again stare-------------------------------------------------------------
And importantly wiping my derrière --------------------------------------------------------------------

In this world, paper takes the gold.---------------------------------------------------------------------
For it is something where stories have been told--------------------------------------------------
The silver medal goes to the box on my left.---------------------------------------------------------
All it's glory, falls victim to theft.--------------------------------------------------------------------------

Imagine a world without this hero----------------------------------------------------------------------
My happiness would be at absolute zero,Around the world this would be know though
From cities, Sydney to rio de janeiro ,And so the discussion comes to an end
We all know and love this paper friend The importance we can comprehend
And to the shops you must attend
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did not laugh THUMBED DOWN!
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Magikarp used Splash, it was totally worth it!
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