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Don't act like it's not true

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nigguh nigguh money nigguh fuck nigguh
yo yo shit fuck nigguh shit
w and b shit bitch! fuck yo shit mufuckas! saga bongo
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fuck u nigguh
any bongo
Excuse me, how would you
filthy nig- er, I mean, fine folks
like a record deal?
fuck yeah
nigguh! 'all)
git mane
hey yo one two one two...
fuck nigguh shit fuck nigguh
fuck shit! ass nigguh fuck nigga
ass shit bitch! git money smoke
weed fuck bitches fuck shit!
We on top
new muhfuggah!
yo school is 4 fruits yo!
yo bitch let me hit dat! .
drivin dat ferrari _ -' gra: h
Hume twerk it git dat money a slut wk dis hem
dat child support git dem diamonds " whose dick a gotta suk
Acolo imam cap a muhfuckas 2 git dat ice?
wit my 9! where my coke at?
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#3 - spambassador
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(04/15/2014) [-]
and people actually BELIEVE this? gg man, fahny joeks. "Becuase JEWS magically hypnotized those 'smart' white people with that crazy ****** music! Yep! Jazz and the blues never existed! rock and roll? never heard of it! Those are white people inventions! but those rowdy ******* invented rap and literally it brought on a complete societal collapse! the jews somehow know how to make everything bad! bad bad!"

"I'm not a neo-nazi! Im an intellectual! I only post my **** opinions online because nobody in real life cares to buy into the particular brand of ******** I'm selling! in real life, before the internet! i'd be some ******** yelling on the street corner; but thanks to the internet, I have followers of people as dumb as me in the TENS."

but for real though. absolutely no one buys this ****, nobody likes this ****, and if you can't rub those maybe seven brain cells you have left together to start some sort of bonfire in your skull, you may as well spray them across the ceiling.
User avatar #6 to #3 - wellimnotsure
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(04/16/2014) [-]
stupid people probably believe this. However it is very true that most of what we consider "black music" is produced by stereotypical Jews
User avatar #2 - nought
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(04/15/2014) [-]
I can't tell if this is a crude or brilliant satire
#5 - anon id: efa1f120
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(04/15/2014) [-]
stop stereotyping people.