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User avatar #18 - wthree
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(06/28/2014) [-]
Does anybody actually do this?

Or are you just creating a false idol to destroy to make yourself feel better.
User avatar #30 to #18 - instalation
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(06/28/2014) [-]
Nobody actually does this. Retards just like to draw this same thing over and over again to feel important.
User avatar #37 to #30 - darthblam
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(06/28/2014) [-]
Upon googling "save the trees protests" and looking at pictures I can respectfully disagree, there are plenty of people that do this.
User avatar #44 to #37 - instalation
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(06/28/2014) [-]
Upon googling, I didn't find anyone with 50 copies of the original message. Yes, they are using paper. But the comic depicts someone making 50 copies of a small, what appears to be letter sized, paper. The pictures show bigger signs.

But I feel like you are technically correct.