Disney princesses as highschool kids. . If Disney Princesses Went To Your High School gear gr, Hes whe completely ignores her friends and family fer a guy she l Disney princesses as highschool kids If Princesses Went To Your High School gear gr Hes whe completely ignores her friends and family fer a guy she l
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Disney princesses as highschool kids

If Disney Princesses
Went To Your
High School
gear gr, Hes
whe completely ignores her friends and family
fer a guy she literally just met? The girl whe' s
never had a boyfriend before, that' s whe. Ariel
is your em friend who falls off the face cf the
earth the second a guy gives her the time cf
day. She even stepped answering your calls,
it' s like she' s gene mute since she
started hanging cut with Eric and his friends.,
Yau' re lucky if she semes cut far your birthday.
If she actually does, yee can guarantee she' ll
sit in the Lerner testing him., the knew it can' t
last and yee' re just waiting for the day they
breakup so she can come crawling back
the creep.
gees teii)
The Heme's
Seven different guys'? I den' t care if she is l .
the fairest in all the land, girl needs ts get l, If
seme STANDARDS. l rs‘
The lessees: Nana
Sure, she' s the whale package. smart,
beautiful and kind, but her boyfriend is
a tital beast. Everyone wonders why
she' s even with that guy., She says he' s
got a let effer and we don' t know
him like she bless... Sure, Belle, keep
telling yourself that He' s a total weirdd.
She says he made acme sen m huge
transformation since she' s been with
E . him but yee' re not buying it. Besides,
5 he kinda smells like wet dog,
We 51" eria: e
There isn' t much that cerld l
explain her behavior besides L l f
weed er perhaps . “” f /it
Why else she run around " f ..
barefeet all the time painting
flowers en things. And seriously
what' s with all that hair? is she a
sister wife? And what' s with all
these existential :
When will life begin?’ "fee ..
den' t knew but with a name ‘in
like ''Rapunzel'' we can bet she
gets her stash from her mem.
C’ fricassee
The Elsi shat Sagan graft? fuond
She can never hang out because she always
has seme crazy curfew she' s freaking cut
ever. Relax Cindy, is yeer stepmom going
kill we if we' re heme a little late? cm the off
chance she was cents out she' s geing en
abgeht all the cherso she haste) do when she
get heme. One time she haste get home
and pick up all the sticks in the yard. What
deae that even mean? You know secretly
she' s hoping to marry semaine rich so she
can hire ' tat to tity theyres for her. At
least with her allowance she buys seme killer
heels that she' ll be willing to let we borrow,
just den' t less them,
The Creati' oas Ems Grille
She was raised in an 'ultimative
household' with no real father figure,
so it makes sense that she' s a bit of a
troublemaker. Her parental figures
mean well and gave her seme real
basic, clearly greed relys to follow,
but she breaks them anyway. You tried
reasen with her, but of mares she
can' t keep it tegether and where was
she and up? Passed tmt. She' s lucky
a nice guy mend her and net at
psychopath. Though he did take the
opportunity re make cut with her first,
which was pretty sketch in retrospect.
Jus; mther
She' s got every guy under the sun
fawning ever her every mave and she
isn' t even fazed. Some cf the hattest
guys {seme whe den' t even go to
your schewl} are testing her and she
lest ignores them. I guess it' s easy
be picky when we' re daddy' s
little princess though. He buys her
anything she wants, which explains
why she' s always up en the latest
fashion. Curiousty, how the hell was
she pull sf these harem pants?
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