Ding a ling. Source: imgur subscribe for more San Francisco is a popular tourist destination,[18] known for its cool summers, fog, steep rolling hills, eclectic
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Ding a ling

Source: imgur
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San Francisco is a popular tourist destination,[18] known for its cool summers, fog, steep rolling hills, eclectic mix of architecture, and landmarks including the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, the former prison on Alcatraz Island, and its Chinatown district.

Main article: History of San Francisco
See also: Timeline of San Francisco history
Historical Affiliations

Spanish Empire 1776–1821
First Mexican Empire 1821–1823
United Mexican States 1823–1835
Mexican Republic 1835–1848
United States 1848–present
Mission San Francisco de Asís (Mission Dolores)

The earliest archaeological evidence of human habitation of the territory of the city of San Francisco dates to 3000 BC.[19] The Yelamu group of the Ohlone people resided in a few small villages when an overland Spanish exploration party, led by Don Gaspar de Portolà arrived on November 2, 1769, the first documented European visit to San Francisco Bay.[20] Seven years later, on March 28, 1776, the Spanish established the Presidio of San Francisco, followed by a mission, Mission San Francisco de Asís (Mission Dolores), established by the Spanish explorer Juan Bautista de Anza.[14]

Upon independence from Spain in 1821, the area became part of Mexico. Under Mexican rule, the mission system gradually ended, and its lands became privatized. In 1835, Englishman William Richardson erected the first independent homestead,[21] near a boat anchorage around what is today Portsmouth Square. Together with Alcalde Francisco de Haro, he laid out a street plan for the expanded settlement, and the town, named Yerba Buena, began to attract American settlers. Commodore John D. Sloat claimed California for the United States on July 7, 1846, during the Mexican-American War, and Captain John B. Montgomery arrived to claim Yerba Buena two days later. Yerba Buena was renamed San Francisco on January 30 of the next year,[22] and Mexico officially ceded the territory to the United States at the end of the war. Despite its attractive location as a port and naval base, San Francisco was still a small settlement with inhospitable geography.[23]

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#6 - thatguyyoumightno (05/04/2014) [+] (10 replies)
stickied by mudkipfucker
If you're going to repost, at least post the whole ******* thing...
User avatar #4 - theugandanhero (05/04/2014) [+] (3 replies)
Alls I can think of is the triangle that plays during the beginning theme song from Kong of the Hill.
#18 - cupcaketime (05/04/2014) [-]
Pssh, amateur.
#14 - shadowrated (05/04/2014) [-]
now the guitar solo
now the guitar solo
User avatar #25 - froggets (05/04/2014) [+] (4 replies)
Foo Fighters Live at wembley triangle solo HD Foo Fighters has had a guy who played a triangle solo!
User avatar #44 - lolguythesecond (05/04/2014) [+] (5 replies)
W-w-wait guys


why is there descriptions of San francisco everywhere
#23 - sakurasou (05/04/2014) [-]
All I can think of is Chunky from DK 64.
User avatar #35 - dracolegacy (05/04/2014) [-]
Foo Fighters Live at wembley triangle solo HD
#28 - sabertoothmoose (05/04/2014) [-]
Chunky kong, anyone?
Chunky kong, anyone?
#27 - yoruwaakeru (05/04/2014) [+] (2 replies)
Triangle is kind of hard to play, I imagine none of you would be able to play it properly. I had a friend in music class who felt like quitting cause she sucked at the triangle.e

I wish I was joking
#30 - mr skeltal (05/04/2014) [+] (1 reply)
>source: Imgur
******* christ is it hard to ******* google it?

User avatar #15 - imaginator (05/04/2014) [-]
Foo Fighters Live at wembley triangle solo HD
#8 - zerpderp (05/04/2014) [+] (3 replies)
**zerpderp rolled image** SOLO RECORD
**zerpderp rolled image** SOLO RECORD
User avatar #2 - lyiat (05/04/2014) [-]
Foo Fighters Triangle Solo
#54 - givememoarpony (05/04/2014) [-]
Hear the words I sing,
War's a horrid thing,
So I sing sing sing...
#51 - mr skeltal (05/04/2014) [-]
Needs more cowbell
#47 - azraelthemage (05/04/2014) [-]
Needs more cowbell. Blue Oyster Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper 1976 [Studio Version]cowbell link in description
User avatar #45 - twothreefivefive (05/04/2014) [-]
You ****** up OP. It's TING a ling
#29 - tacosnigga (05/04/2014) [-]
Oh those were the dayz
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