Difficult customers comp. not a story but a compilation of smaller ones original post about me /internet+browsing+facts/funny-pictures/4984110/ story 1 /One+in+ Difficult customers comp not a story but compilation of smaller ones original post about me /internet+browsing+facts/funny-pictures/4984110/ 1 /One+in+
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Difficult customers comp

So lately the tech stories on F] have become incredibly
popular. Compilations of shorter stories and
conversations with customers has also become pretty
common on F] so I decided I' d throw together a
compilation or two of different dumb shit, shit that
makes you angry, and general facepalm shit that
customers have said to me over the years. Ladies and
gentlemen, nsfw uploaders and neckbeards, I present
to you. Customers who just love to be difficult.
this took place a week ago)
Sunday night phone call
business hrs are )
oold lady needs her fixed
ssure... tomorrow (Monday) is completely full how
about Tuesday?
can' t you just come here between two other jobs?"
ttell her at best I could drop past pick it up and work on
it offesive
no it absolutely cannot leave my house I am far too
irate about needing to be fixed onsite and
nothing else
abook it in for the Tuesday
uturn up, assess the ladies computer.
sshe is a retiree and tells me she never uses it much
commputer needs to be taken away and stress tested
r" oh that' s fine.... l probably wouldn' t use it again this
week anyway."
deriving to a customers house
aphone rings
Heello (name of my company) trips speaking
sheave pacific islander accent "you fix my compuder?"
r'' l certainly can... what' s wrong with it?"
it don' t work"
aask what doesn' t work
sorry mate, what exactly doesn' t work on it"
it' s broken or something"
whats broken"
aok I' ll come pick it up and assess it for repair.
nah next week I gotta go to work"
qualls me back a week later for the same conversation,
finally agrees to have it collected.
twerking in retail outlet as tech
cfour months after psa release
white, wannabe gangsta customer wants to
return his psa
ssays its broken and its not his fault
gno box, no receipt, just the console and cords
is covered in what some greyish brown goo
ttell him if its faulty we can send it to sony to be tested
aif its something he did to it to break it he has to pay
t want it sent to sony, doesn' t want it tested
new playstation
ttell him if it was within 30 days of purchase and tested
as a hardware fault he would get a new one
aat this stage it has to go to repairs
lookalike calls me a fuckhead says he could bash
me if he wanted
proply "no"
no what?"
everything you' re asking or saying"
cracks the shits and storms to the exit
stakes one step out the door, leans back in
llooks me dead in the eye "FUCKIN MILKA"
mmfw we' re both equally white
aat customers house assessing his computer
kneeds windows preinstalled
aask what he needs backed up
just my photos and movies nothing else is important"
aask if he is sure because they never fucking are
yyep, nothing else
arun through a checklist.
you don' t need music, desktop items, favourites,
emails, downloaded documents and what not?"
no just my photos, and my movies"
prepair the computer, backup was successful anything
else is gone
back to customer
derive home,
down the road customer calls
where are my emails?"
ttell customer I backed up everything he asked me to
tbells me it shouldn' t matter
pl should know his emails were important
ttell him I asked if he needed them he said no
tbells me he is refusing to pay the bill if I don' t get his
cfour accounts linked to his computer all gone
ttell him he signed a waiver with terms and agreements
and any unpaid bill would be sent to a debt collector
and would go towards a financial default
tbells me to fuck myself and that he is suing
spays my bill the next day
I know its not a proper story, and I did promise more.
But those will come when I have more time to post
content. Until then, keep being awesome Hand keep
the coming!!!
s' Tripscausedthis
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