Dear FunnyJunk (read discp). your complaining, your criticism, your society, your hate, your comments, your way of not giving , your 5 year old reposts, and you
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Dear FunnyJunk (read discp)

**** your complaining, **** your criticism, **** your society, **** your hate, **** your comments, **** your way of not giving ***** , **** your 5 year old reposts, and **** your current pet. I been coming here for 2-3 years, and I ******* loved it, I loved the community, I loved posts, I loved the comments, I loved the channels, i loved the fact that any bandwagon could be ride on yet none would hardly get boycotted, the Admin. I loved the fact how multi-internet-cultural this sight was. I loved every ******* little pile of dolphin turds this site had. I LOVED. Now every one is a ******* douch, dick, hypocrite, perv or a ******* idiot who complains about how the sight was ruined my newfags and the mods and the admin and the bronys and the brolans, and the bendingtime (which i have no idea what to call there fans now) the a otakus and anons and etc. WELL GUESS WHAT FAT ASS, IT WAS YOU, evey single little **** here today, and don't tell me you don't know it was you, cause it was you. Now every one just complains how ****** this sight is, or how Admin is unfair or the mods are ****** up and bla bla bla bla BLA. NEWS FLASH PAL, You think the admin gives a **** ? You think Admin likes coming to this sight day after day after day and keep it alive for you to cry and whine about how unfair Admin and the mods are? Well guess what, he does, or at least did, but yet he keeps the playground for tards up and running, free of charge, and almost without limits.. Yah like every single ******* company wants their adds on a ****** up site. Oh and how easy for all of you to come victim to the admins and the mods trolls. Oh so very easy. I'd come here and login every day, I'd go on the board, I'd had my good time here, Now it's hardly worth it. I hardly login, and just lurk at the post and skip ******* with an opinion of this site or admin. I'm sick with your bandwagons to hate everything including your selves like a ******* emo. I'm sick of how you shower and complain to ******* trolling anons, I'm sick of this ******** of repost. Oh im sorry, you saw that post 2 ******* years ago? Okay. And how you complain that lots posts are taken from reddit and 9gag. NEW FLASH, it was the same before. Besides if you have the right to complain about reposts, then you HAVE TO MAKE A ******* OC. Your all a bunch of idiots who live in cave. GTFO of it and do somthing with your life.
Thanks for the Good time Admin, but I'm leaving this kiddy pool of turds.

Are )( ijhy People Have
Middle Fingers!
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Submitted: 11/11/2013
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