Dear Community.... For those of you who don't know or don't care: Two days ago I submitted my response to Admin's call for OC. [ community caffeine commiss sorry I wont do  please remove th
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Dear Community...

For those of you who don't know or don't care: Two days ago I submitted my response to Admin's call for OC. [ ], the submission was surprisingly well received and I hadn't expected to actually get over 500 thumbs, eventually I made it into top 10.

This is somewhat a response to some of the comments, but it is also a second try, to see if I were just plain lucky with the first one. If this gets over 500 thumbs too I'll take it as a sign to actually submit some comics that aren't just meta-jokes.

There were however just criticism of my comic, and I'll take it to heart:

1. Sorry that I based the joke around my own sense of inability to draw, personally I prefer humility to USI syndrome. But as some users rightfully pointed out: "You still risk sounding like a cunt.". I'm sorry.

2. One person pointed out that every post these days mentions "Admin" and "OC". Sorry 'bout that, I might not perceive the problem as critical as others, but that doesn't mean there isn't a problem.

3. Someone pointed out I look like an idiot in a uniform. Well, sorry I like the uniform (and don't worry, I don't wear it in public unless there is a convention or something where I won't look like the biggest idiot). And it is part of the "Caffeine-Commissar" persona/shtick. But sorry, I know it might offend people, and you are right to call me an idiot. Even if I don't agree.

Sorry for the long description, but if I had to write all this crap in the comic, it would ruin the flow.

Dear Community,
With the reception my first submission
received, I think it could be way...
Tau Mme
tll wee ,: "talla 'llooll
ollari. 'lilli ! ‘Hi
Aim ma MI rd,
either way. Thanks a lot fer the warm welcome
and Frontpage).
iia) Level 115 Funny Junkie
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Submitted: 03/27/2014
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