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#123 - raamageddon ONLINE
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Last week I had a dance party in Blighttown for a friend of mine who was just starting out the game. Circular room near the bonfire, with the Dragon Scale in the chest. He summoned me as a gold phantom, we both went in there, I dropped prism stones, gave him a Trident, and we both did the Trident Dance while listening to "The Safety Dance."

He got invaded partway through. The invader was dressed as Mildred. She came up, bowed, and waited... And we ignored the **** out of them and continued dancing on either side of the opening to the circular room. They waved and shrugged, but didn't attack. Neither of us stopped dancing to attack them, either.

I wound up trying to get them to follow a path of the stones to lead them up to the "Dance Floor," but we seemed to have destroyed their brain by that point, as they were completely unresponsive. Eventually my friend got close and got backstabbed, but the person ran up the path and didn't attack him again. At that point I thought it actually was Mildred, having forgotten about them bowing and waving, figuring maybe the aggro range was ****** up.

We chased her about the dance floor and killed her, then danced on her blood stain.

Best part? We could see peoples' ghosts in their own worlds that had joined in. We could see their ghosts doing the Trident Dance without being present in his world.

Long story short? I started a trans-dimensional dance party in Dark Souls. I consider this a greater achievement than never dying to the Capra Demon, which I'm told is the most amazing thing ever apparently.