Damn.... . Anonymous 12/ / 13( Wed) 22: 27: 37 Na. 519600797 Let me share you my worst experience. /bl. long but I wrote it all out. It' s been just over 2 year 4chan greentext
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Anonymous 12/ / 13( Wed) 22: 27: 37 Na. 519600797
Let me share you my worst experience. /bl.
long but I wrote it all out. It' s been just over
2 years since it happened. Shit sucks man.
me, 17, have a rocking f 7/ 10 face, 11/ 10
ass, been dating for a few months at this point
eevery day we' re hanging out, I can honestly
say I was whipped at this point in the
acute though, her name was Caitlyn. God that
ass was the bees knees
aas I was saying, I was pretty whipped, did
everything she said, barely left her side
it all, I knew what she was doing
to me, but I was tapping that ass, so I didn' t
really care
sshe had me stop talking to all my female
friends, and kept me away from all of my guy
friends too
eeveryone saw it, and constantly complained to
me about her
pretty much just told everyone to fuck off,
which was a bad move
Mme and Caitlyn ended up getting into the same
college, which was awesome, so I thought
was the school. A little technical school
a few miles from where we lived.
eevery day that summer before college was
fantastic, sex, drugs, you name it
eventually, college comes around, and the two
of us end up in dorms
rreally was a big change of pace for us, barely
saw each other until the weekends
igotta say, I was getting really depressed. Even
my roommate noticed it. Used to say things like:
Oh come on anon, cheer up, at least you got
a cool as roommate!"
Never mind her for now anon, lets smoke
some dope!"
nnothing he said was making me feel better
Anonymous : 28: 50 No. 519600993
Continued 2/ 6
Aanyways. as I was seeing Caitlyn less and
less, I met this other girl named Victoria
she wasn' t as cute, maybe a 5110,
but her personality was out of this world
was really into her, we started hanging out a
bunch with my roommate
is where this story kinda starts, and
how my life changed 100%
eevery day that I didn' t see Caitlyn became less
sad, and more of a blessing
yyes, I cheated on Caitlyn, several times with
her, and it became more and more natural
oover the course of a few months, Caitlyn
became super suspicious
aup to this point, she had been pretty trusting of
auntie she found a pair of Victoria' s panties on
my bed one Saturday morning
gifing. rars
knever have I seen a person so pissed off at
eeven my roommate was fucking terrifed of
Caitlyn, she fucking screamed so loud security
was called
showed up before security was called
eevery word that came out of Caitlyn’ s mouth
was either 'cunt' or 'whore'
Anonymous / 04/ ) 22: 29: 58 No. 519601151
Continued 316
back to the main story, Caitlyn
and I broke up (Obviously), and Victoria and I
started dating
gguess how long we dated? If you guessed till
death, you' d be right!
aof course it was a great year, I could never
unaturally, we smoked weed, fucked tons, and
shared pretty much everything
knot to mention, we were in 3 classes together,
and we were only taking 4 classes
aactually, looking back at it, it may have been
one of the best years of my life
Faegit, we shared all of the time in the world
I didn' t have to see Caitlyn at all, and I
think she dropped out
tthe month of June, 2010 is where things got
we were having fun, but one day she
came back to our apartment we started renting
looking a little bleak
Oh hey" was seriously all she said before she
ran into the bedroom
Ugh, she' s on her period" was my first
adumb though, past self
oover the next few minutes I realized she had
already had her period the week before
vwhen I finally went to talk to her, she was in
tears, curled up on the bed
knever in the months prior had I seen her cry
like this
knot that I' d never seen her cry... just this
seemed more primal
eeven hearing it worried me
Victoria... what' s wrong babe?" was all I said,
being kinda an autistic fuck around people who
are upset
Essentually I got it out of her
Anonymous 12/ 04/ 13( Wsd) 22: 31: 23 ?
Continued 4/ 6
Wright before she even said it, I remembered
that her doctor' s appt. was that day
Greg (Fuck it ids if you know who I am) I have
eonly sentence I' ever heard to actually scare
me shitless.
knot only was it stage 3
knot only was it bone cancer, but there was
literally nothing I could do
aafter she told me, we just sat there holding
each other for what felt like days.
Wright up to this point, we had lived normal lives
aup to that point right there.
knever could I have seen it coming in a million
aafter about 2 weeks, we Mally got in touch
with her parents
Wight after she got off the phone with them, she
came to me and hugged me harder than ever
Ohmygod they' re going to pay for it!" was the
only thing she said
ussually I don' t cry, /b/. but that moment was
unaturally, I thought that we were in clear water
at this point
adumb thought #2, past self
aafter she started the treatment, almost all of
her hair fell out
knot to be mean, but it was scary to look at her
of treatments passed, but the only
thing that changed was how Victoria looked
Met down is the only way to describe her
though it was rough, and a horrible
experience, she stayed positive
ttry as I might, I just couldn' t be as positive as
yyou try to be positive when the girl you love is
dying in front of you
Only time will tell" was what every doctor told
us, day in and day out
Anonymous 12/ 04/ 13( Wed) 22: 32: 59 No. 519601 606
Continued 5/ 6
Ennder every circumstance I want to say she
lived, and It pains me to keep going
I watched as her eyes became
sunken, and her skin became taught
eevery one of our friends started coming to visit
all the time, just in case it was the last time...
tthe treatments continued, but she just kept
looking worse and worse
Only time will tell'' became "We' re trying to
buy you time"
mot once did her smile fade. I don' t know how
to explain her happiness
December sst, 2011 was the day
she fell over out of her chair while eating supper
with me
here we come
eevery one of our friends was around her bed,
and it was the most surreal feeling in the world
ffor a while, everything seemed stable
the hospital we were staying at let me
sleep in the room with her
aon the next morning
aon the next fucking morning /b/
Night after I wake up, and remember where I
am, I look over to her
aand she' s looking right at me
knot moving
daying in front of me
gwish I had done something more in that
I could muster was mouthing "l love you" to
Mike she could even see me at that stage
the size of buildings were in my stomach
tthis isn' t a miracle story, /N. She died without
making a sound about an hour later
Anonymous 12/ 04/ 13( Wed) 22: 34: 59 No. 519601914
Continued 6/ 6
still fucking plagues me
eevery day, every fucking day all I think about is
her, lb!
dday after day,
wish I could change the past so badly
knever underestimate the power of love, /bl
aof course, I haven' t been able to have any sort
of relationship since this happened
ssome of my best friends can' t stand to be
around me anymore because of it, lbl
aand now it' s been 2 full fucking years.
auntie you' lost someone you truly love, you
don' t know pain.
iremember this story, lb]. Because I don' t want
and read the rarst letter of each sentence
from the start, faggots.
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Because I'm never gonna give you up
never gonna let you down
never gonna run around and let you
get on the floor and walk the dinosaur
#5 - josozmija
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10/10 feels, 11/10 plot twist
10/10 feels, 11/10 plot twist
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**Anetheril rolled image** **** you is all i have to say
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i am so angry right now
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this is why i read the bottom line of every single greentext story i see.
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I knew it was ******* fake, I knew it.   
I knew it was ******* fake, I knew it.

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I literally cried for 5 minutes after this
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