DBZ. theonlydbzfan ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-] stickied by theonlydbzfan This comment is not meant to bash DBZ (I'm a fan) or anything like the comments by anons. T dbz
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theonlydbzfan ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
stickied by theonlydbzfan
This comment is not meant to bash DBZ (I'm a fan) or anything like the comments by anons. This question I'm about to ask genuinely has me curious, and I'd like to hear people's thoughts on it.

Why like DBZ if it's apparently an objectively bad series?

I've been across several different websites for a long time, and when DBZ comes up, it's usually met with negative reactions, and the positive ones only being from nostalgia.

I see people leave posts all the time about how DBZ is objectively bad because of it's repetitive plot and little character depth, and how other more obscure anime are much more better due to their complexity and themes. Not only that, but I see several posts saying that DBZ sucks even from fans, who admit that they only like it because of nostalgia.

This, honestly, makes me feel like **** for liking DBZ to the point where even a simple "I dislike DBZ" will depress me. Is the plot really all that bad and the same thing over and over again? Do the characters lack any depth whatsoever? I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't agree with those complaints. But, I'm apparently wrong for thinking so.

Dragon Ball as a whole is my favorite franchise of all time. I know it's not the best written series, and I have seen series that people would consider "objectively better" like Breaking Bad, but I still hold the series so much more closer to my heart, and that has nothing to do with nostalgia. But because I cherish it so much, all of the hate it gets saddens me and makes me question why I should even like DBZ if the supposed "more intelligent people" think it's crap.

I'm not just talking about the original anime version of DBZ either. I love both DBZ Kai and the manga, yet both of those are criticized constantly as well.

I just want to feel accepted for liking the series and not the only one who does so for reasons other than nostalgia. I want there to be people who actually think DB is a genuinely good series. Again, I know there are series out there that would be considered "objectively better", but if that's the case, then why do I like the Dragon Ball series so much more than those other ones?

(Sorry for the long post. I'd really appreciate it though if you took the time to read it, as I can't really think of a TL;DR that would appropriately match all of my thoughts.

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User avatar #1 - leonhardt (11/04/2013) [-]
@Description: Because only "hardcore" anime neckbeards fans think DBZ is terrible.
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