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A walkign That Runs Out
fl work trs o secretary in my husband' s practice. We dont take walkmans, and no clearly stated
on the front door, but people still try to see him without on appointment. One day, someone
comes in while my husband is out having lunch.)
Walkign: "Hi, can I see Dr. [Name]?
fl already suspect something since my husband uio never sch educe appointments during
his ounch break.)
Me: "What time is your appointment?"
Walkign: "I dont have one."
Me: "I' m sorry; we' re by appointment only.''
Walkign: "Thats okay; I' m his brother. He' s expecting me."
Me: "Really? He didnt tell me anything of the sort."
Walkign: "Well, you' requet a silly secretary. You dont need to know that sort of thing.
Can I go see him now?"
Me: "You said you' re his brother?"
Walkign: "Yes!"
Me: "Well, thats funny. You dont look the least bit like him."
Walkign: "Everyone says. that."
Me: "Really?"
Walkign: "Look, h****. I dont have time for this. just-"
At this point, my husband has returned from ounch and has foot heard the or. J
My Husband: "Excuse me! Dont speak to her that way."
it he turns oro moo and Jo oks my husband you're in the faced
Walkign: "Hey, mind your own business, moron. This doesnt concern you, so butt out."
Me: "Actually, it does concern him. Thats the doctor."
The goes white in the face. crosses his arms.)
My Husband: "And moreover, thats my wife you' insulted."
Me: 'sweetly' "How did you say you were related, again?"
Views: 35016 Submitted: 08/07/2014