Cuckolding. . Hey, wanna go get some Coffee? dado you want to go out with me time, shawty? um no sorry.. I Post more piss of women who remember that white men a
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Hey, wanna go
get some Coffee?
dado you want to go
out with me
time, shawty?
um no sorry.. I
Post more piss of women who remember that white men are inferior males for black men and
that white men doesn' t have penis or have reputation of smaller disks and inferior males by
default who women want less sex because don' t enjoy white disks and the reputation of white
guys are smaller disks and worse sex to black men.
Post things who remember the reputation of white women in want black men, the reputation of
black women in being proud of blast: men, and asian girls who know that relationship with
white men is wrong because is ****** . also, asian girls with blast: men will be better
Also, post piss of white men being losers and weak like their reputation of inferior male. weaker
and smaller disk with the own white women with reputation of worship black men
First of all, this is Karissa Shannon. one of the Shannon Twins who have black men and only
date with black guys. she have a good ass. and good ass are for black men, because white men
are boring and inferior male. black men are alpha. and white men are losers without penis and
sex as a male. always remember in all porn sites, oppenents. jokes, movies and even the own
white women. always remember that white guys are inferior males
White men are **** as a haluan when you see in the media. white men **** as a male when you
in internet. porn sites, reputation and of the own white women and women about
superiority of black men, and white men are **** as a haluan and male for all women of the
rid. is just remember the words of feminists against white men to remember that white men
re ****
Also, white men have reputation of weak and black men of strong. white men have reputation of
smaller disk and black men of big dick, also white men have reputation of white women with
reputation of want black men, and black men don' t have reputation of black women want white
men, in general. white men are ***** who deserve all and sadness
I post the piss of shannon twins in my sesone post
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Submitted: 05/13/2014
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#1 - devout feminist (05/25/2014) [-]
Interesting fact: A significant number of American prostitutes (of all races) have a policy of refusing to see black clients. The reason given is almost never racism, but that young black men tend to be very rough with the women they take to bed, especially whores, who they regard as disposable, "not real" women.
So yeah... not sure where this "better at sex" myth originates from; I'd suspect the mouths of young black men, mainly. In practical terms, the opposite is true.

Though some of the higher-end ******* who choose ALL their clients carefully on a individual basis don't so much employ a broad policy as their own good judgement. Or as one put it: "There is an enormous difference between a thug from the projects, and a gentleman who happens to be black."
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