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Country Profiles - Request your country. Request a country profile below. country Hon " The USA: Full name United States or America Populatio m on (UN, 2012) Ca

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country Hon "
The USA:
Full name United States or America
Populatio m on (UN, 2012)
Capit washington Dc
Area: 3 B m
Major language: English
diahorrea . christia
Life expectancy: " years (men), Bl years (women)
currency: us dollar
Main exports: computers, electrical machinery, m an
sq mment and airman
sniper capi ' us ,
President: Barnum (Ilium:
Buick (Ilium: is the t: ' s first black president and a
Democrat. He was reselected ror a second term in November
2012 arter a campaign against Regan can
challenger Mitt Romney.
The Democrats kept control or the Senate and the Repub cans
rem tied in control or the House or Representatives, tea g to
pt: Ital gridlock in congress on the budget in iate 2013.
He has pledged an end to "ten years or war", sign
departure or us troops raom Afghanistan in 2014.
g the
America' s most popular farm or media. Fax News
is the dominant us cable news network. There are around
10, 000 commercial radio stations
Brier Bio: The USA is the world' s foremost economic and
military power, with global interests and an unmatched global
America' s gross domestic product accounts ror cisse to a
quarter or the worm halal, and its m aw budge reckoned
to be almost as much as the rest or the world' s defence
spending put together.
The United States originated in a revolution which separated it
tram the British crown.
south Korea:
Area 30, 345 sq mites
Major language: Korean
y; nearby hair or admits
profess no re n
Life expectancy: 77 years (men), 04 years (women)
currency: won
Main exports: Electronic products, machinery and transport
sq merit
sniper capita: us 520, 070 (worm Bank, 2011)
President: Park Gent: -laye
south Korea ejected its first female president, Park mun-
hye, in a turtles in December 2012.
Her father President Park , ruled the country ror "
years arter seizing power in a coup. in 1974, at the age or 22,
Ms Park became south Korea' s first lady when her mother
was shot dead by a North Korean assass 's bucket intended
ror her husband.
In September 2012 Ms Park issued a [HIM
rights abuses committed under her father.
apology ror human
Med . The market leaders are KBS and ruc. They command
the on share or viewing and adve g. south Korean TV
soaps are popular across the region, in China. They
are part or the "Korean Wave" - the export or south Korean
popular culture across Asia.
Brier Bio: The Republic or Korea was proclaimed in August
1940 and received support raom the us arter it
was invaded by the North two years tater.
The Korean War ended i 1953 without a peace agreement,
leaving south Korea technically at war ror more than fifty
Full nan: State or terani
Pupil: ion: 7. 7 m
Seat or governmet Jerusalem
Are -, 522 sq m es
Major language , Arabic
Major re you , , Christianity
Life expectant BO years (men), 04 years (women)
Monetary um Israeli shekel
Main exports: computer software, nu
chemicals, products
sniper Earn! . us 520, 930
aw equipment,
Prime minister: Benjamin Netanyahu
Netanyahu camp inned on a policy or toughness towards
Fates an m army and is the deader or the rightyking
Likud party. He became prime minister arter an inconclusive
eario ejection in February 2009, a decade arter homing the
orfice once bedore.
Me ' s press and broadcasters are many and
varied, and account ror differences in language, pt:
viewpoint and religious outlook.
The terani Broadcasting Artho y MA), set up abong the
mes or the BBC, operates public radio and TV services and
is randed mai by licence rees on TV sets.
Brier Bio: terani is a denial populated country on the
eastern shore or the Med sea and is the oniy
state in the worm with a majority Jewish population.
has been locked in conflict with the Bates ans and
Arab neighbours over ownership or land considered Italy by
Jews, Chr trans and Muslims since its creation in 1940.
formation comes tram B
A sh Media, The country in
questions media or wikipedia. " you want more
information ruc rig pad
I didnt do the UK because I dun! want to start with my
own country. " someone wants me to do a country pieace
teii me what and I try and get round to I tin happy to do
aim country.
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