Coolest mayor ever... . Meet Jon Gnarr, mayor of Reykjavik, Iceland’ s largest (and coolest) city. He never went to university, used to be a taxi driver and pla Coolest mayor ever Meet Jon Gnarr of Reykjavik Iceland’ s largest (and coolest) city He never went to university used be a taxi driver and pla
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Coolest mayor ever..

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Meet Jon Gnarr, mayor of Reykjavik,
Iceland’ s largest (and coolest) city.
He never went to university, used to
be a taxi driver and played in a local
punk rock band called 'Runny Nose'.
After that, Jon became
in his country as a comedian and
actor. (That’ s him on the right).
But then in 2009, to poke fun at the
establishment, Jon and a few of his
industry buddies, with zero
experience in politics, formed a
party called "The Best Party".
Since all the other political parties
were secretly corrupt, the Best Party
declared they would be openly
corrupt and admitted they would not
keep any of their promises made
predilection which included, "tree
towels in all swimming pools, a new
Disneyland, a Parliament
by 2020 and a polar bear for the
Reykjavik zoo".
Six months later, Jon and his party
won the elections.
His favorite TV show is HBO' s The
Wire and when he was elected, Jon
announced that he would not enter a
coalition government with anyone
that had not watched the series.
the Wire:
It might be worth noting that when
he was a child, Jon was diagnosed by
doctors with severe mental
retardation and ADHD and was
treated for two years in it State
But he still became Mayor.
Jon is a handsign kind of politician
when it comes to making changes for
his city.
He also really likes to show his
support at Gay Pride. Here he is in
full drag:
Oh and here is the mayor protesting
for the freedom of Russian
band Pussy Riot:
He chooses his words carefully...
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Homophobe is not a phobia, they are not scared. They
are Just a hunch of assholes
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And just like us, he hates it when the
WIFI is down...
Also, it might he useful to know that
his daughter is a badass body builder
with a black belt in Taekwondo:
Here' s J on inexplicably dressed as a
Jedi hanging out with Gaga:
Jon and his wife once toured in a
punk rock band with Iceland' s
coolest musical export, Bjork. (And
they' re still good buddies).
I guess you could say his whole
political ethos is like a Banksy
painting come to life.
So respect to you Mr. Gnarr. We
need more people like you in
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User avatar #1 - nospyonme
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(01/01/2014) [-]
How are you hospitalized for two years for being retarded? How retarded do you have to be that they just keep you in the hospital?
User avatar #3 - luthervonappledorf
Reply +2 123456789123345869
(01/01/2014) [-]
His daughter is pretty ******* hot...
#5 - earldibblesjr
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(01/02/2014) [-]
his daughter... I'd tap that.
User avatar #4 - gregthebobo
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(01/02/2014) [-]
I guess it's time for me to run for King 'o Murica then.
User avatar #2 - aresthegreek
Reply -1 123456789123345869
(01/01/2014) [-]
What I Read: Blablabla Reykjavík's mayor is a retard blablabla.