Cool ideas. This isn't mine.. I'm posting 452389405 pictures and hour to get level 400 It's hard work ripping stuff from places on the internet.. Let' s get a t
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Cool ideas. This isn't mine.

I'm posting 452389405 pictures and hour to get level 400

It's hard work ripping stuff from places on the internet.

Let' s get a team . peuple in neon green morph suits to break into a
news mo an harass the weather man. No one at home Will have any
Alcohol should be sewed in. those Capri Sun
pouches that we , i' ericii elementary
school. When you . straw into the hole,
you' re not allowed to tii, .
M-‘ none of It above‘ option in' tti? ' ) it, option
tryies',' a' with all '
Buddy cop movie starring Eminem and Morgan Freeman, but Eminem is
the calm rational one and Freeman is the young F. s" s' Simeon upstart,
A movie filmed in 2 versions. one " the goon guy' s side and one lmm
the no guy' s side so you could goose side mien going to We movie theater
items should instruct the ? ulfr'"
Porngore" like Pandora, butter porn
l would cycle through videos on you can thumb up crown and it figures cut what you like Then
ll midst: as up and have "stators' like Amateur Homer Redhead I-‘ lama.
Let' s make a driving range, butter skipping stones.
You could go and rent a bucket at nicks perfectly flat and smooth tor
skipping and go and skip them on a pond in the middle of a forest.
Instead of headstones in cemeteries, plant a seed over every
person, thereby creating an orchard, not a cement tilled lot
A Truman some the main no idea he' s a pornstar,
But he grows suspicious as ohter) earners" ano always seem
to show up with funky music playing y e -
Instead of no characters, ‘tweets would be limited to your KI number
Make an average member public compete in the
Olympics. so. the. athlete ' -
Cars should come equipped
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Submitted: 05/05/2014
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#1 - superduperpuper (05/05/2014) [-]
Great! Everyone who would actually be able to write more on twitter is too intelligent to even use it.
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