Computer-Generated Photorealistic 3D. The best computer-generated photorealistic 3D renderings of human beings from around the world. The witch from snow-white  3d
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Computer-Generated Photorealistic 3D

Computer-Generated Photorealistic 3D. The best computer-generated photorealistic 3D renderings of human beings from around the world. The witch from snow-white

The best computer-generated photorealistic 3D renderings of human beings from around the world.
The witch from snow-white got me. Found while browsing, thought i'd share wiff u guise.

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Submitted: 06/07/2014
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User avatar #46 - mytomanenbre (06/07/2014) [+] (5 replies)
stickied by mytomanenbre
I want yall to know that i'm a little drunk (a ******* lot) right now and i just got kicked out from a party because a girl that was "hosting" the party got manipulated by this bitch that hates my gf because she is kinda big, but i just want yall to know that i love u guys, thank u so much for existing.
#1 - PineappleExpress (06/07/2014) [+] (2 replies)
Starring Lindsay Lohan
#24 - xehanortscrack (06/07/2014) [+] (1 reply)
DANIEL RADCLIFFE by Electronic Arts
#6 - mrsnowballs (06/07/2014) [+] (10 replies)
And then this is sold for $36.9 million
#36 - envinite (06/07/2014) [-]
Artist's RAM's fw rendering those *****
#2 - psychadelicace (06/07/2014) [-]
These are 			*******		 awesome
These are ******* awesome
User avatar #8 - gilliam (06/07/2014) [-]
The year is 2076, computers run on quantum processors for a long time now.
Rendering images like this happens real time.
A greasy neckbeard complains on an internet forum.
"These graphics suck. To realistic. if i wanted to see people i'd go outside. At least i can manually downgrad emy PC. PC master race."
#17 - thefasrdog ONLINE (06/07/2014) [+] (1 reply)
Imagine the porn...
Imagine the porn...
#11 - vladcobhc (06/07/2014) [-]
I wish I could be that good.
I wish I could be that good.
#47 - memvar (06/07/2014) [-]
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#27 - phudgepacker (06/07/2014) [-]
bear king looks like a straight up pussy bitch
bear king looks like a straight up pussy bitch
User avatar #79 - delphine (06/08/2014) [-]

Seriously though, I have a lot of respect for people who can do photo-realism but as an artist myself, why would one put so many hours into a project that can be created by taking a picture? Some of them, like the witch (because it's a caricature) or historical figures (so you can create an image of what they might have looked like), I can see because it's a character and no one really looks like that. But, say, the one of Russel Crow or the Joker... It literally just looks like their pictures, but creepier. If you're going to create a work of art, why not make it unique? Something that you couldn't do with a photo?
#70 - McBalls (06/08/2014) [-]
So henry VIII was robin williams...
User avatar #19 - drastronomy (06/07/2014) [+] (2 replies)
imagine making cgi porn with this
#18 - sonofpsychodad (06/07/2014) [+] (16 replies)
It's not a human portrait, but I made this dragon head model not too long ago in 3D. Let me know what you think and where I can improve if there's anything.
User avatar #4 - jinxter (06/07/2014) [+] (3 replies)
Soon they can make games and movies with actors who have been long dead... Creepy.
User avatar #20 to #4 - sonofpsychodad (06/07/2014) [-]
Bruce Lee new commercial 2013 They've already revived Bruce Lee from the dead in a commercial from last year using CGI.
#57 - juter (06/08/2014) [-]
Lindford? More like Tim.
Lindford? More like Tim.
User avatar #56 - sadisticsalmon ONLINE (06/08/2014) [-]
Damn **** ***** , these people can do this, and they make this stuff rather than making Porn dreams come true.
User avatar #48 - mountaindewkie (06/07/2014) [+] (1 reply)
qt3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862 08998628034825342117067982148086513282306647093844609550582231725359408128481117 45028410270193852110555964462294895493038196442881097566593344612847564823378678 31652712019091456485669234603486104543266482133936072602491412737245870066063155 88174881520920962829254091715364367892590360011330530548820466521384146951941511 60943305727036575959195309218611738193261179310511854807446237996274956735188575 27248912279381830119491298336733624406566430860213949463952247371907021798609437 02770539217176293176752384674818467669405132000568127145263560827785771342757789 60917363717872146844090122495343014654958537105079227968925892354201995611212902 19608640344181598136297747713099605187072113499999983729780499510597317328160963 18595024459455346908302642522308253344685035261931188171010003137838752886587533 20838142061717766914730359825349042875546873115956286388235378759375195778185778 05321712268066130019278766111959092164201989380952572010654858632788659361533818 27968230301952035301852968995773622599413891249721775283479131515574857242454150 69595082953311686172785588907509838175463746493931925506040092770167113900984882 40128583616035637076601047101819429555961989467678374494482553797747268471040475 34646208046684259069491293313677028989152104752162056966024058038150193511253382 43003558764024749647326391419927260426992279678235478163600934172164121992458631 50302861829745557067498385054945885869269956909272107975093029553211653449872027 55960236480665499119881834797753566369807426542527862551818417574672890977772793 80008164706001614524919217321721477235014144197356854816136115735255213347574184 94684385233239073941433345477624168625189835694855620992192221842725502542568876 71790494601653466804988627232791786085784383827967976681454100953883786360950680 06422512520511739298489608412848862694560424196528502221066118630674427862203919 49450471237137869609563643719172874677646575739624138908658326459958133904780275
User avatar #9 - cryingchicken (06/07/2014) [+] (1 reply)
ray tracing, ****** .
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