Come on, greg. Raymond Gunn (January 11, 1904 – January 12, 1931) was an African American killed by a mob in Maryville, Missouri, United States, after he confes
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Come on, greg

Come on, greg. Raymond Gunn (January 11, 1904 – January 12, 1931) was an African American killed by a mob in Maryville, Missouri, United States, after he confes

Raymond Gunn (January 11, 1904 – January 12, 1931) was an African American killed by a mob in Maryville, Missouri, United States, after he confessed to killing and attempting to rape a white school teacher.

The case received massive national publicity because it occurred outside the Southern "lynch belt", because of its brazen and planned nature, and because the county sheriff did not activate National Guard troops that had been specifically deployed to prevent the lynching.

The case was frequently invoked in the unsuccessful attempt to pass the Wagner-Costigan Act during the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt, which would have made it a federal crime for law enforcement officials to refuse to try to prevent a lynching.

Raymond Gunn was the oldest of the eight children of Michael and Maymie Gunn, a farming family in Maryville. In the 1920 census, the family is described as mulatto. [1] In the 1930 census, Raymond Gunn is described as laborer and widower.[2]

In September 1925, Gunn was convicted of the attempted rape of a student at what is now Northwest Missouri State University, after accosting the young woman on a rural lane outside of Maryville. The student claimed that Gunn stuck his thumbs into her mouth to keep her from screaming. Gunn never confessed to the crime, and he claimed to have been beaten while in custody. He was released on January 28, 1928.

Following his release, Gunn married a local woman and moved with her to Omaha. However, his wife died of pneumonia, and he returned to Maryville, where he made a living as a hunter.[3]

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One day ...
One day ...
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But seriously, what is with the random history?
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MFW my name is Greg
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What I'm hard at work at.
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**acemcgunner rolled image** mfw
**acemcgunner rolled image** mfw
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I like these descriptions.. they are... amusing
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well that just means he finished work
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How the **** is your description anywhere near relevant to your post?
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'Still hard at work'
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The national parks have been woven into the fabric of American life for so many generations that it’s hard to imagine the nation without them.

But the decision to set these special places aside was not an obvious, or easy, one. No road map existed for the journey that created the national parks because no places quite like them existed anywhere in the world.

The parks were born because in the mid-1800s a relatively small group of people had a vision—what writer Wallace Stegner has called “the best idea we ever had”—to make sure that America’s greatest natural treasures would belong to everyone and remain preserved forever.

“Americans developed a national pride of the natural wonders in this nation and they believed that they rivaled the great castles and cathedrals of Europe,” explains David Barna, National Park Service Chief of Public Affairs.
User avatar #16 to #7 - whiteusername (03/30/2014) [-]
The park's history dates to the 1890s, when entrepreneur Mitchell Nejedlo purchased the land. Originally intended to be divided and sold for summer cottages, he turned it into Bay View Beach. Bay View Beach had a dance hall, a bar, and a bathhouse however, because it was swampy and infested with mosquitoes, the park didn't attract many visitors. In 1908 Captain John Cusick bought the resort from Nejedlo. Cusick built an 8-foot dock that extended 570 feet into the bay, then bought a steamboat to transport customers from Walnut Street Bridge to Bay View Beach. When swimming became popular, Cusick began renting swimsuits for $0.10. On a good day he could bring in as much as $450. In 1901 a roller coaster was built. Then in 1908, Cusick built a ride called "Shoot the Chutes", a flat-bottomed boat that could hold 12 people. The boat was slid down a 50-foot ramp and onto the water. The ride cost $0.10. In 1911 Bay View Beach was sold to Frank Murphy and Fred Rahe. In 1920 they donated the 11 acres, along with all its buildings and attractions, to the city of Green Bay.[1] From the site's earliest days as a private park, a public beach was available, but pollution of the bay eventually caused the swimming beach to close. From the 1930s to the early 1970s, Bay Beach's pavilion hosted concerts, political rallies, dances, Fourth of July fireworks, and other events. In 1934, President Franklin D. Roosevelt visited Bay Beach in celebration of Green Bay's tercentennial. Today the park is a family place, with scenic views and rides for children, including bumper cars, a small-scale passenger train ride, a large slide, and a Ferris wheel.
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but what was his mom banging on his boss work desk?
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WTF Description?
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why do people freak out at these descriptions. they just copy paste some random wiki article and get thumbs for it
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**Orc rolled image** How did he ill her but unsuccessfully rape her? 0/10 Raymond Gunn Worst Rapist
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