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#28 - awesomedewd
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I have a nice story from my uncle who does everything that has to do with IT in the company he works in.

He once made a little script that updates a few things, so that he didn't have to do it all over again on every single pc.
He even made a little presentation, it's not a big company, to show everyone what will be done and changed.
They only had to start the file, wait till it's done and continue working.

nonetheless... he got a call.
> client: "It's not working for me"
> uncle goes to check what's wrong
> uncle: "show me what you were doing"
> client clicks file
> window for the script opens, pic related
> client clicks on the "x" to close the just opened window to close
> uncle: "Why did you do that?"
> client: "I don't need it."
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