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User avatar #3 - Lambda
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(07/03/2014) [-]
I am so glad that my boss rejects the "customer is always right" philosophy in favor of "the customer is usually retarded".
The way we do things is, the customer NEEDS us. We do not NEED them. People are lined up to have us work on their systems. There are plenty of customers, only one of us. So if the customer is gonna be a dick, **** em, we don't work for assholes.
User avatar #40 to #3 - jukuku
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(07/03/2014) [-]
The luxury of a saturated market.
User avatar #29 to #3 - haydentheviking
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(07/03/2014) [-]
I had that with a guy i worked with we where having lunch and he was telling the story of this guy who wanted a kitchen fitted and he wanted this and that the guy says "thats not possible"

The customer goes "but i really would like it done"

The guy "do you think i have a ******* speech impediment? it wont bloody work"
The customer was shocked as but in the end the hired work is all ways right especially in building and electrics
User avatar #10 to #3 - angelusprimus
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(07/03/2014) [-]
Same with my company.
My favorite situation was last month. A year before customer made insane demands and The Boss told them its not going to happen. They told him they will hire a company who will do what they want, and will charge less then we do.
The Boss told them fine and even let them off the hook for early cancellation part of the contract. He told us "Don't worry, just wait."
month ago client came back. Their brilliant idea and the amazing execution by the cheap company got them in trouble with IRS. So we got rehired (they had to pay a new hire fee) they had to pay for complete project reconstruction on top of regular payments (******** of money) and they are paying almost twice as much for the regular service.
User avatar #23 to #10 - mrsaytan
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(07/03/2014) [-]
There's no better satisfaction than to hear these kind of stories.
User avatar #9 to #3 - Maroon
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(07/03/2014) [-]
Are you hiring?
User avatar #6 to #3 - commissarcrunch
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(07/03/2014) [-]
what is your line of work?
User avatar #60 to #6 - Lambda
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(07/03/2014) [-]
Marine systems engineer. Ever look at a big yacht and see all the antennas and radars and satellite domes on top? I do **** like that.
User avatar #63 to #60 - commissarcrunch
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(07/04/2014) [-]