Childhood Joke. Now in the form of a rage comic. What' s the first A letters of the alphabet, dew: lil derrp N tea:: her I don' t know. A I vi Cr Good, because  childhood rage comic
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Childhood Joke

Now in the form of a rage comic

What' s the first A
letters of the
alphabet, dew:
lil derrp N
tea:: her
I don' t know. A
I vi
Cr Good, because
eia that' s your
so lil (Eryn asks his mom
who is in the bathroom
Mon: Mon: what' s the F* CK
first letter of the
alphabet'? C) F F I
afterwards, lil den: asks
his sister who is on phone
Sisters Sisters Yeah,
what' s the second
letter of the yeah, Q
then, lil derp asks his
dad who is in the shed This room
Dam Dam what' s smells
the third letter
of the alphabet? like
mow, lil derp asked his younger
brother who was watching his
favorite show NANANA-
what' s the fourth NANANA-
letter of the
h alphabet? NANA
at school
defy). what is
the first four
letters of the
alphabet? N
no you WANT "Yeah '
TO so To THE
in principal ' s office
This room
smells like
Got any last words?
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Submitted: 11/15/2013
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User avatar #3 - unlithe ONLINE (11/15/2013) [-]
my friend seastian told me this joke over 4 years ago. it originally goes like this:
teacher asks if kid knows the first three letters of the alphabet
he says no
teacher says to learn them, so he asks his sister, whos on the phne what the first one is
she says "shut up im on the phone"
he then asks his dad what the second one is
his dad doesnt notice but he just took a huge dump and is singing "99 big ones!"
he then asks his cousins what the third letter is
they're watching batman and say "nanananana BATMAN"
so he goes to school the next day and the teacher asks him what the first 3 lettersare
he first says "shutup im on the phone"
the teacher asks how many spankings he wants
he replies with "99 big ones"
teachers asks "just who do you think you are?!"
he says "nanananana BATMAN"
the end.
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