Cartoons are important. source: Chinese boy c Chinese boy Cuts workers safety line because noise is too loud
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Cartoons are important

Chinese boy can' t hear his cartoons, cuts nightrise
worker' s safety rope
Saturday cartoons are very, very, very important to one Chinese boy.
A worker was installing lighting on the outside of a nightrise apartment building when a
boy appeared at an window and began sawing through the worker' s safety
rope. Apparently, the construction racket was drowning out the kid' s cartoons, and he
decided this would be an effective way to restore some silence.
1 shouted at him to stop, but he didn' t listen and soon after, the rope was broken," the
worker told Chinese new outlet Kink no. "That' s when I called to my workmate for help."
Her Klan Berry I Folk's
Drilling sound affects his cartoon so Guillou boy cuts safety rope of
worker at apt. What low regard for life?
3: 02 AM - 28 Aug 2014
Forty minutes later, several firemen rescued the worker from his precarious position. Police
questioned the boy, who eventually admitted to his actions. The kid' s dad came home and
apologized to the worker.
He also gave him a new safety rope. --Sarah
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#1 - friedepidermis
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(09/01/2014) [-]
Man, kids are ****** up...
#2 - anon
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(09/01/2014) [-]
I would have beaten that kid into a bloody pulp.