Canadians Gonna Canate. TL;DR: No matter how hard they try, their true Canadian will always reveal itself. Sauce: P.S. canadians
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Canadians Gonna Canate

Canadians Gonna Canate. TL;DR: No matter how hard they try, their true Canadian will always reveal itself. Sauce: P.S.

TL;DR: No matter how hard they try, their true Canadian will always reveal itself.

P.S. Since when did breaking and entering become a "prank"?
Way to go CNN... Discuss in the comments. Ready? Set... GO!!!

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Exchange Student Shot To Death that "Prank" In Montana.
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Shooter alti% killing was justified based on 'Castle Doctrine‘ E. .
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Description: German exchange student was killed in Montana while executing a "garage
hopping" prank at a stranger' s house.
El hours an
Gun loving whackos- I' ll never understand US culture. Completely nuts.
S hours ago
E That' s because you don' t mind governement ruling over you nor being
able to defend yourself from someone who illegally has one. You submit.
Someone protecting his property and his family shooting someone who
breaks into their home makes them a gun loving whacko? What you are
saying is nuts. As well as labeling someone.
huckster" 134 8 hours an
E Prank loving morons putting thereselves into a situation where they could
be fatally injured by an unsuspecting protective homeowner. Completely
this guy was mauled to death by a pitifull in someones back yard
trying to "prank" a neighbor I doubt we' d even hear about it. no
difference though, except the media has to push their agenda
8 hours an
Your governement is the least of your worries when your citizens are
ripping each other apart Maybe if you trusted each other, and didn' t
have a culture dri‘ ven by violence, fear, and media, than
you ' t feel the need to own a IN MOST OTHER
PLACES IN THE WORLD! So Sorite idiot breaks into your garage. Big
faking deal. YOU teon' t have to kill him.. -though that seems to be
acceptable practice in the US, merely because you "have the right" to.
Totally insane.
8 hours an
Yea we understand that you and people like you can' t handle freedom.
You make wonderful slaves to the state. PS. Cities in Montana and
Arizona have some of the lowest violent crime rates in the world
8 hours an
Do yourself favour and don' t ever come to Canada- That way you can
preserve that precious little bubble you live in, and your ridiculous beliefs
about freedom and how it works.
kerosene 8 hours an
You don' t have to ask me twice, sweetheart. Freedom is being able to do
what you want to do- Since the all powerful State tells you what you can
and cannot do in Canada that makes the State your pimp and you the
8 hours an
China owns you.. you" got 20 years tock* ---
I kerosene 7 hours an
R Yea, not really. We owe China about 1. 3 trillion dollars. We could pay
that off in about 3 months if we cut government spending by 25%. Which
I am actually tor cutting government spending by sea.
7 hours an
Well that may be the case, but my point is stop f* ckin' shooting
kerosene 7 hours an
That' s why we own guns- Back a few years ago Harvard University did an
extensive study that showed that more guns = less violent crime in the
USA. They also found out that countries are not able to be compared
when it comes to crime and gun cultures. You have countries with strict
gun laws that have high crime rates and low crime rates. You also have
countries with related gun laws with high crime rates and low crime rates.
There' s no correlation there. In the USA there is approximately ESE!
million guns owned by about we million people. In 2012 there was about
11, 000 homicides, about 3, 800 accidental gun deaths, and the rest were
suicides, citizens protecting thereselves and police shootings. With such
massive gun ownership, the crime and accidental deaths from guns is
incredibly low. It is estimated that guns prevent about 2 million violent
crimes every year and violent crime and gun crime is dropping- Hearing a
few sensational stories on the news should not influence your o
kerosene 7 hours an
opinion over hard facts. Most guns are designed to kill humans, but
99. 9% of the guns in the hands of US citizens have been re purposed tor
sporting, collecting, and home protection. An automobile was designed to
get people from point A to point B, yet 34, 000 people die each year from
vehicle accidents and only 31, 000 people die each year from guns- You
are outraged when a device that was designed to kill people, actually kills
someone- But you are not surprised when a device that was not
designed to kill someone, actually kills someone- Why is that?
7 hours an
I didn' t read any of what you just wrote, but I genuinely apologize tor
making a blanket statement about US culture being nuts. I still don' t
understand it.
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