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User avatar #23 - redstonealchemist (10/17/2013) [-]
night before last i had a wet dream where i was beyonce.
weird as **** on details
User avatar #24 to #23 - Ariath Uchiha (10/17/2013) [-]
I really don't want to know.

I kind of want to know.
User avatar #26 to #24 - inanimateobject (10/17/2013) [-]
Yeah, what the **** ?

I really want to know.
User avatar #31 to #26 - redstonealchemist (10/17/2013) [-]
some of the less weird **** was that -keeping in mind it's incredibly vivid and realistic- my hair kept changing colour, limbs flailed about as if they were free from gravity, stuff like that
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