Behind the first person shooter.. It explains everything!. fps
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User avatar #1 - Tusura (02/25/2014) [+] (12 replies)
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Would this work with raspberry jam?
#5 - sprites (02/25/2014) [-]
#9 - faktura (02/25/2014) [-]
But when you regen the jam has to dissappear somehow
User avatar #15 to #9 - oharo (02/26/2014) [-]
Jam mixed with invisible ink.
User avatar #11 to #9 - commissarcrunch (02/26/2014) [-]
the camera operator eats it
#25 - qxangelxp (02/26/2014) [-]
Lies on top of lies.
User avatar #19 - gayboard (02/26/2014) [-]
I'm quite happy with how the Engie update looks.
#20 to #19 - ubercookieboy (02/26/2014) [-]
************		 beat me to the punch
************ beat me to the punch
User avatar #8 - Shiny (02/25/2014) [-]
This still doesn't explain how the remaining ammunition in your weapon's magazine magically returns to your inventory after you rip the mag out and fling it to the floor.
#14 to #8 - micekill (02/26/2014) [-]
#44 to #14 - itsbendingtime (02/26/2014) [-]
but lead isn't magnetic
User avatar #45 to #44 - instakill (02/26/2014) [-]
no, but the steel core in Armor-Piercing rounds is
#24 - ancientchaos (02/26/2014) [-]
why the hell does he look like sniper
why the hell does he look like sniper
User avatar #30 to #24 - thatdamnllama (02/26/2014) [-]
the Sniper needs some kind of activity when he's not fighting BLU or RED or whatever team he's not on
User avatar #48 to #24 - mephistesulfurion (03/01/2014) [-]
Filmin's a good job, mate!
User avatar #31 - nucularwar (02/26/2014) [-]
I have a feeling if they made a FPS that was completely and utterly accurate everyone would think it was ****
User avatar #32 to #31 - xxhunterxx (02/26/2014) [-]
User avatar #33 to #31 - bigblamo (02/26/2014) [-]
theres arma..and thats ******* awesome.
User avatar #38 to #33 - mondominiman ONLINE (02/26/2014) [-]
yeah but is it completely and utterly accurate or as close as they could get it?
I've never played it before
User avatar #39 to #38 - bigblamo (02/26/2014) [-]
just as close.
Whenever i get into a firefight in that game it does get..really ******* crazy.
User avatar #12 - vickyalove ONLINE (02/26/2014) [-]
Steadicams are so much fun
#35 - riathewolf (02/26/2014) [-]
Strawberry jam, you say?
User avatar #42 to #35 - badmotorfinger (02/26/2014) [-]
no, faggot. no.
not now.
User avatar #49 to #42 - riathewolf (03/04/2014) [-]
Okay then...
That isn't Jeff, if that's what folks are getting butthurt about.
#43 - kolya (02/26/2014) [-]
u forgot za fps can be called an fps without za sniper
User avatar #41 - wolviewolverine (02/26/2014) [-]
first person shooter movie???
#40 - dawkz (02/26/2014) [-]
Oh, so this is why you run out of breath so quickly?
User avatar #21 - dehnoobshow ONLINE (02/26/2014) [-]
I once found a game where the first person was litterally just the cam put on you're character's face. It felt... different.
User avatar #29 to #21 - thisotherdude (02/26/2014) [-]
That sounds kinda awesome.
#28 to #21 - asadshoe (02/26/2014) [-]
You felt reality and imagination collide together in a brutal but yet awe admiring way that makes your downstairs area tingle with the sense of a thousand needles being poked at it. Don't worry (Picture) too,
User avatar #7 - Ryukenblaze (02/25/2014) [-]
from a game production stand point, this isn't to far off. The hands and arms you see reloading and handling the weapons are actually modeled into the gun mesh. There are no "1st person" models for your character.
Just a 3rd person model for other players and cinematics
#10 to #7 - theXsjados (02/25/2014) [-]
Actually depends on the game; especially games where they emphasize head movement independent from the direction you are moving (e.g. games where you can look back over your shoulders). DayZ Standalone is a good example of this (though a poor example of it too because if you look straight down you can see your headless shoulders).
#13 to #10 - anon (02/26/2014) [-]
I think he was referring to CoD in specific, which is the game this post was poking fun at.
Other games like ARMA have the option to view your own char in third person so it makes more sense to render you and your gun separately.
#18 to #7 - anon (02/26/2014) [-]
Eh, that's not true. You do have a separate viewmodel for 1st person view only that isn't the one other players see, but the hands and weapon are completely separate. For example, in Call of Duty, you can swap out hand models based on what faction you are (some wear gloves, some have bare hands, some have different sleeves), but doing so is completely independent of what weapon you hold. There are not 6 different MP5 models for each faction.
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