Because racecar. It's a long read, but a funny one if you know what rallycross is!. Rally driver admits he has no idea what cabdriver is talking about Top Briti
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Because racecar

It's a long read, but a funny one if you know what rallycross is!

Rally driver admits he has no idea what cabdriver is talking
Top British rally driver, Mark Fischer,
today found himself at the centre of a
storng of controversy after confessing
that he had absolutely no idea what his
congruent: cabdriver, Gethin Davis, was
talking about during races.
It had been assumed that cabdrivers were
reading Tace notes', a series of
instructions describing how to negotiate
the road layout ahead, but Fischer claims
the notes are 'total nonsense’ and that
he has simply been humouring his co-
driver all these years. ‘it' s just
gibberish,' he said, 'But the regulations
say that there must be two people in the
car at all times during the race, and Gethin was a good mate so I always just took him along for the
Davis is reported to be furious at Fischer' s statement and maintains that they were equal partners in
the team, but Fisher has been quick to dismiss this.
come on,' he said. " mean, '50 and stop bright half minus braking into Arright maybe
and absolute crest sap. What the hell am I supposed to make of that when I' m flat out over a jump
sideways at ?'
This is not the first time Fischer has courted controversy over the role of cabdrivers. In 2009, after
finding himself without a cou: iriver for the Rally in Finland, he kidnapped a homeless man
and forcibly strapped him into the passenger seat to ensure that the rule was
complied with. The stunt only came to light when onward footage taken during the race revealed that
rather than reading the 'pace mates', the Finnish cabdriver was in fact screaming the words 'tht **** !’
over and over again, occasionally interspersed with other phrases including, 'Watch out for that house'
and ‘Slow down, you mad bastard',
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Submitted: 11/24/2013
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User avatar #3 - silverzepher ONLINE (11/24/2013) [-]
i think he should have kept the homeless man, or get a random person he could understand
User avatar #2 - civilizedwasteland (11/24/2013) [+] (5 replies)
What kind of racing requires a co-driver?
User avatar #4 to #2 - xXneoXx (11/24/2013) [-]
It's rallycross. Basically you get a bunch of awd compact cars, give them tons of horsepower, and race them through blocked off streets and forrests. They need a codriver to tell them what is ahead, because the driver isn't allowed to drive the track beforhand. It's hard to explain, just look up rallycross on youtube, it looks like the most fun to me.
#1 - dashgamer (11/24/2013) [-]
"It's complete gibberish."
Car go vroom, me turn wheel, go speed, win race.
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