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#1 - Nahyon (02/14/2014) [+] (3 replies)
Until 1:36 it felt like watching a footage of usual gameplay of every above avarage Battlefield Player but right at 1:38 the 2 300 meters shots brought in some kind of "Here are the big plays!". Up to 2:15 there were some "ok nice" shots agian but the hit on the ATV was truly the highlight. overall it was a little bit above "would probably show a friend"
Maybe recording only the moments of the perfect shots ( but no too short ) or don't display every shot you've missed befor the actual "great" shot or something. Maybe some music playing ( not too hasty music since it is not a 360 nOscOpe | ULTRA SKILL - | Ron PAUL - BlaZeIt 420 xDDD video ) and it could be a smooth montage
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