Baghdad. Not mine. Credit goes to JTToTS. Hey there Delilah whats it like til Baghdad city. You' re 1, 000 miles away but girl the explosions look so pretty". I regret nothing
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Not mine. Credit goes to JTToTS

Hey there Delilah whats it like til
Baghdad city. You' re 1, 000 miles
away but girl the explosions look
so pretty"
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Submitted: 08/23/2014
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#1 - friedpotatoes (08/23/2014) [+] (8 replies)
stickied by Kingcgc
I regret nothing
#12 - maginmaniac (08/24/2014) [+] (2 replies)
Maxed out bards are so OP.
Maxed out bards are so OP.
User avatar #6 - gereorth (08/23/2014) [-]
I'm pretty sure he's the Bard of the group.
#13 - icecoldkilla (08/24/2014) [+] (2 replies)
Hey there Delilah what's it like in your vagina?
I'm a thousand miles away, but girl I'd like to get inside ya, yes i do.
No girl can **** as well as you, I swear it's true.
Hey there Delilah, don't you worry about protection
I'm even harder when you're lonely
take a look at my erection
close your eyes.
I wanna get between your thighs
til I'm insideee.
OOOHHHHH I wish you would do meeeee
OOOOHHHHHH, I wish you would screw meeee.
#18 - solarisofcelestia (08/24/2014) [+] (1 reply)
Maybe choosing to play as a bard class in an age of fire-arms wasn't such a good idea.
#7 - anonymous (08/23/2014) [-]
You're a 1,000 mines away would have worked better
User avatar #5 - grrphc ONLINE (08/23/2014) [+] (2 replies)
Someone already made "Hey There Khelilah" though.
User avatar #28 - spartusee (08/24/2014) [+] (4 replies)
I saw this video on live leak earlier today of a few sand ******* that hopped in an SUV and drove around on a highway shooting people. They killed like 12 people and showed all the bodies. I also watched an extremely disturbing video of a drug cartel execution, where they spent three and a half minutes sawing through a guys throat with a small knife.

I'm not trying to sound hardcore or edgy, I just wanted to get that out of my system. I guess they killed him because he worked for some guy named "La Barbie". I don't ******* know. Why are cartels so ******* sadistic? I wish drugs were legal so America wouldn't have to deal with them so much.
User avatar #24 - eattherich (08/24/2014) [-]
LVL100 Bard
User avatar #23 - konradkurze (08/24/2014) [-]
lets make war music

Sounds of Counter Strike
User avatar #22 - thebellboy (08/24/2014) [-]
Hey there Delilah whats it like up in rack city i see tens and tens and twenties sitting up atop your titties yes i do.
No one else can **** just quite like you, i swear its true.

#16 - anonymous (08/24/2014) [-]
He's a bard you idiots!
#21 - WTFburger (08/24/2014) [-]
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