Bad Hair Compilation Part 2. Thanks again! Part 1: In case you were wondering, she didn't get the job. bad Hair compilation funny
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Bad Hair Compilation Part 2

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Submitted: 05/26/2014
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#1 - shutupsocks (05/26/2014) [-]
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In case you were wondering, she didn't get the job.
#7 - bantime (05/26/2014) [+] (3 replies)
you can tell all these people watched anime because of the bad haircuts so they can try and match the show. i did my hair like in the third panel once to match my favorite anime.
User avatar #2 - itsaggron (05/26/2014) [-]
My cringeometer is going off the ******* charts.
#13 - respectyourmom (05/27/2014) [-]
how about this one?
#12 - jewpacabra (05/26/2014) [-]
Here's one.
#5 - fourtwentymaki (05/26/2014) [-]
i dont know what you are talking about, but that last picture, the hair is incredible. look at the lift, the thickness, and the textures. this **** is down right luxurious.
#4 - becefalus (05/26/2014) [-]
Power cuts win you world cups ngrs
#3 - fistfireace (05/26/2014) [-]
That female with the child and that Amanda Bearse from Married...with Children? They look alike.
#6 - ihateemo (05/26/2014) [-]
**ihateemo rolled image**
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