BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD. .. blood god is from this game right ?idk girls period blood Ew
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#1 - furrysheaperd (08/19/2014) [+] (10 replies)
blood god is from this game right ?idk
#2 - Ken M (08/19/2014) [+] (7 replies)
Do girls do this? Please say they do this. I want to believe.
User avatar #6 to #2 - mattdoggy (08/20/2014) [-]
apparently if you put enough of them together for a long enough peirod of time they all sync up like blue tooth devices or something so they all happen at the same time.

A frat i was at has a calender with every sororities time so they know when to stay away and it's pledges job to find out when.
#22 - CrushOrange ONLINE (08/20/2014) [-]
#20 - Ken M (08/20/2014) [-]
i'm doing this next i sync up with my female friends
#4 - bowchickawowwow (08/20/2014) [-]
Maybe i'm an idiot, but did anyone else see cunt flow?
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