Awesome title to attract users. I shall play for you the song of my people.. H draw me like one of your Frech girls
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Awesome title to attract users

Hello , my name is ignacio Apendage.
he has a mexican name".
I am from Santiago, Chile and I lived in fhe ignited
Sides for attem as years when I was younger and
during fhif fime I learned a hof attem freedom of
speech, yea know whai I mean: T RI *
y FR I
I eyed fhe faaf fhif people could express freir
opinions freely. When I came back Id Chile
unfortunately I found ouf fhif fais freed om, fhif fais
liberty fhif I eyed so much was som ething fhif
people here didn? have naeess Id. Nof because
ehey didn? have fhe liberty express how ehey feel,
Buf because ehey didn? have any way gef freir
opinions ouf Ehere. Since Ehen We had fhe dream of
creaking a open media platform where pleople
could express freely
Here yea see some protesting an the streets, this never
in chile)
I came back Id Chile deem 6 six years age and ever
since I have been frying Id accomplish fais dream.
Here a wild appeared interviewing same cute biaches)
huh. A rci' 1
While frying Id gef fais d one I was fold once Id "Keep
my dreams separated from my realife" em I no
longer see fais as a dream, I see if as an ambition,
as som ething I have Id gef done, som ething I ward
Id do in life. I den? see myself as fhe "people' s
Voice" buf I know fhif whih enough dedication Id fais
project I den get thef voice heard.
The only motherf*' king problem We had with that
snakes an this motherf*' king plane is that We ran
into e lot of limitations because I don' t have the
ea uism ent red aired Id do so, fhif' s why I created an
Indiegogo page, and that' s why I' m
asking for your help, I' m not asking you guys for
money this tim e, I' m askin for help get this
project out there? The link is down bellow, if you can
share if with your friends
TIDE; OP is chilean sandman help me share this
progect the link is down bellow. Your mom. 'Murrica
freedom chile Pek yeah!
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Nice project! Good luck dude!
Nice project! Good luck dude!