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Awesome Facts Comp

Bryan Cranston was
actually taught how to
make meth by the DEA in
preparation for his role in
Breaking Bad
h* , Dionis
playing golf in Cuba during
the Revolution was
surrounded bra group oi
rebels. He immediately ave
his trademark Tarzan yell. The
soldiers recognized it and
were so delighted to meet
Tarzan. They eventually
escorted him to a safe area
If you Sun
down to the size of a
white blood cell (7
micrometres), and then
T m' brought everything else
T "s" down to scale, our
galaxy, the Milky Way,
would be the size ofthe
continental USA
Portugal decriminalized
all durgs eleven years ago
and the number of
addicts has been halved
sincerley. They treat
addiction as a public
health issue instead of a
Demetri Martin would play
guitaring have music
playing in the background
of his comedy specials so
Comedy Central couldn' t
edit his set. He is also
In the early nineties, actor
Ving Rhames (aka
met a
C _ homeless man, who turned
of - 3 outta be his older brother
r. s' who had lost contact with
v.', thefreely after serving in
T ‘f Vietnam
Benjamin Franklin wasn' t _
trusted to
that he would
in it. After signing
the Declaration of
Independence, revoked
Gentlemen, we must now all
hang together, arwe shall
Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa
Stark in Game
adopted 'Sunni' (Sansa Stark' s
direwolf) ended for
Season I of Game otherones.
The Dire wolves were played by a
relatively new breed of dog
known asthe Northern Inuit Dog
Manute Bot, thetallant
player's the history ofthe
NBA was also the only
player in the have
killed a [ion with a spear
andno have paid 80 cows
for midwife
In , when ll] -yearold
Kashmir, India saw her
parents being beaten as part
on forced marriage
bya militia commander, she
killed one an axe,
gunned the ,
then started a shoutgun
battle with the militia
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