Attack of the 12 year old. . Due to the large amount of PM and comments that I got from my last post about what hentai site I do moderation for, I will still cu Attack of the 12 year old Due to large amount PM and comments that I got from my last post about what hentai site do moderation for will still cu
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Attack of the 12 year old

Due to the large amount of PM and comments that I got
from my last post about what hentai site I do moderation
for, I will still currently uername the site for the same reason
as my last post.
And as for the comments that link to several hentai sites, I
will neither confirm nor deny that I moderate any of those
sites. Those of you that actually found it, I congratulate you
for your effort to find it. I can' t really do much if you do find
it BUT ether keep your age discreet when on the site or be
banned by me or Stalin. You have been warned.
First a little insight: Before our major server update and our
site overhaul, we had high traffic most of the time that
would usually leave some users SOO' ed. Also it was during
the time that RP (Role Playing) was bannable in the
comment section due to something that happened way
before I came into the picture, and even anons were able to
comment. If an anon were to attempt to RP with another
anon or a user, the comment would be deleted, and if there
was a user involved, the user would be banned.
We shall call this 12 year old, Mantids
Now on to the Story!
Suecide to take a look around some ofthe recent comments that were
posted on front page
Boored so why the fuck not?
Knotice a user, Mantids, tryingto RP with some other users
promt Mantids to quit his shit.
as he is told
a peak at Mantids' s comment history
Phucker has over 70 attempts to RP with people
come across a comment mentioningboss he was 12 years of age
Channed him at ludicrous speed
a breather
Forward 3 days later
back to Stalin buyingthat there has been an anon harassing
other users
Bcheck recent comments on front page
Knotice that the anon poster was leaving a signiture to know that it was
one person
s Mantids
As ofthis point, there were a ton of people complainin gthat Mantids
was basically sending death threats to a lot of users in the comments.
The users were practicly help for it to stop.
after day, mods and I are constantly deleting Mantids
so bad to the point that we couldn' t give any albums approved
is getting out of hand
to our usual forum thread
new thread
s Mantids
that he wanes to have his account back and he will stop his
starts freak out
know that he' s just a kid but Ddosing would severely hurt what
already high traffic we already had and could not risk it
Katalin is tired of his shit
Mclean up any comments he left behind
Foward 5 days
Mclean up the last of his comments
is fine
apoligize to the users forthe drama
The site never went down except forthe usual high traffic that we got and
we never heard of Mantids again. It was all a bluff act that he put on but
we couldn' t risk any threats. I' m ' s the reason why Stalin
decided to get the site and server update. It can still be at risk but, not as
much as it was back then.
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