Asleep at the Wheel. .. I almost shat myself funny WTF Crash car lol
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I almost shat myself
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The side with the steel ball will fall.

Both beakers have equal amounts of water, so the difference must be in how each ball is acting on the system.

The steel ball is not applying a force to the system (in other words, you could take away the steel ball and nothing would change, except the water level would drop, the scale would still be receiving the same amount of weight).

The ping pong ball is applying a force to the system, this force would be directed directly upwards of it's position. This is because ping pong balls float, so the force of buoyancy in water is greater than the force of gravity pulling it down. Since the ping pong ball is tethered to the beaker the beaker will also be pulled up, reducing the weight of the entire system. Thus the left side will rise and the right side will fall.
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i think he is very-well awake now
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