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Ask the White Guy: Is a White Person From Africa an
at A reader commented on our article “Foo Must Have Voted for
Ethane’: 5 Things NEVER to Stay to Blacks., quoted a portion
Mimi ample and made an observation that makes for a good
Am , " desurve alt Blacks are Afh_ . therer also we
Africa - people who are African, . , Afro-
Enteritis It? Thank: you that Doe of my heat friends in new
school was mach but traced his mushy back to France. fl
bothered him whenever someone referred to hie as "African-
in the m, side. one of my son' s best friends in high school was born to America. but tath of Ms. pronto
were born and raised in Africa. his could legitimately be ceded "" but probably never "
be shoe ad ofthem are Caucasian.
Just goes to about you can' t judge a book by " cover . or a person by mother color.
A: We and no. I . posted your comment with positive sincerity; however. I agree with your first
point. but not the second.
n" refers descendants of enslaved maple. people who are from yhe United States. The reason we
use an entire coint' Ident {Africa} instead of a county trap, " is because slave masters purposefully
obliterated hint ancestry. language and family units in order to destroy 1116 spirit of his people they enslaved. thereby
making it For their descendants lo trace their history Criollo being born into savory. This was all in an micfri
to prevent enslaved people from organizing and revolting their bondage (look up Nat Turner).
Enforcing illiteracy of enslaved people thy law, with severe death in some i: teaching an
enslaved person to write] and any sense of history or familial ties was a tradition in our comm in
before the } and end' I' alter Civil War. (Dress can argue that this practice into his
century] This is why our fame citizens cannot trace their heritage matte continent of Africa. I' ll -
emphasize this pout: Their persons] and family histery was purposefully obliterated by people who enslaved other
For purposes of mama as wed as providing context to events and economic reallies. it is imam to
acknowledge and understand this part of American history. America is unique in having people who are Amau-
American. For a personal insight into what this means. I suggest you read Frederick Douglass‘ My
immage and My Freedom. In addition to learning history in a very real and justaperson way. you' ll also learn things
about example. the origin of the common phrase “sold down the river.‘ For an
outstanding overview of the repercussions of slavery in the are. I most strongly recommend Michelle
Alexander' s recent book The New Jim Crow.
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User avatar #1 - traelos
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(08/06/2014) [-]
So because some black Africans got taken as slaves in the 1600's we have to refer to French people as Africans and Africans as not-Africans?

I wish I only read the bold bit.
#2 - seraslasulia
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(08/06/2014) [-]

if some one would give me a tldr of the content I will happily read, PROMISE!