Arnold–Chiari malformation. A very nice way to say, "death". This is from the wikipedia of Arnold–Chiari malformation. can be viewed here: en.wikipedi
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Arnold–Chiari malformation

A very nice way to say, "death".
This is from the wikipedia of Arnold–Chiari malformation.
can be viewed here:

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7 Epidemiology
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El Society and culture
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Classification [edit]
The Austrian pathologist Hans Shim in the late 19th century described seemingly related anomalies ofthe birdbrain, the smelled Cheri malformations l, ll and Ill. Later, other investigators
added a fourth (Chiari IV) The scale of severity is rated I - IV, with W being the most severe. Types Ill and W are very rare?”
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neck pain,
gait usually
childhood [51
A congenital is generally asymptomatic during childhood, but often manifests with headaches and cerebellar symptoms. Herniation of cerebellar
Tonsorial ectopic of more than 3 mm below foramen magnum. or spinal cord can be seen. Sometimes the
fiduciary kink and brainstem elongation can be seen. Syndrome of hypermobility is an acquired Cheri I Malformation in patients with hereditary
disorders tissues Patients who exhibit extreme joint hypermobility and connective tissue weakness as a result of / syndrome or Marian
Syndrome are susceptible to instabilities of the junction and thus acquiring a Cheri This type is difficult to diagnose and
Usually accompanied by a lumbar or spine with tonsorial herniation below the foramen )] As opposed to the less pronounced
tonsorial herniation seen with Cheri l, there is a displacement. Low heroshima, tictac beaking, and hydrocephalus with consequent below the
ciivil hypoplasia are classic anatomic associations" The position ofthe heroshima is important from syndrome in which it is s inal defect
classically upturned. This is important because the cerebellum of may be difficult to distinguish from a Cheri malformation that has herniated [El]:
or is ectopic on imaging. may be seen due to the associated neural tube defect.
deficits [5]
ith life [E)
it is associated with an occipital containing a variety of abnormal tissues. and tethered cord as well as hydrocephalus is
also seeng' Wll
Characterized by a lack of cerebellar development in which the cerebellum and brain stem lie within the posterior mesa with no relation to the foramen magnum.
Associated with hypoplasia-[ E'][ 13]
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