April Fools!. on april fools,you are the april fool. (not oc). april fools
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April Fools!

April Fools!. on april fools,you are the april fool. (not oc).

on april fools,you are the april fool.
(not oc)

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Submitted: 03/31/2014
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#7 - skiskate (04/01/2014) [-]
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#13 - MoparMan (04/01/2014) [-]
If anyone wants it
User avatar #14 - azinfriit (04/01/2014) [+] (1 reply)
#15 to #14 - urapooper ONLINE (04/01/2014) [-]
what??? whaat is he suppose to explain?
#8 - gisuar (04/01/2014) [-]
want to know what's even worse? i tried this on fb changing my status and nobody even commented on it
#3 - ftsfts (04/01/2014) [+] (1 reply)
Oddly enough my birthday(March 31st) is a ****** time of the year every year for some reason. Well this year was no different with my ex and her new boyfriend who happens to be my neighbor hanging out on my birthday. Anyways its my 21st birthday so I got drunk and in my drunken state I told some cute girl we should cuddle and drink hot chocolate while watching a movie. MFW she said she hadn't seen that side of me before and would love to.
#17 - leftbehind (04/01/2014) [-]
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#12 - MoparMan has deleted their comment [-]
#11 - lucariopwnz (04/01/2014) [-]
Sounds about right...
Sounds about right...
User avatar #10 - jnovuse (04/01/2014) [-]
Remember you don't need a girlfriend or boyfriend to be happy having one should magnify your happiness, not sustain it
#9 - anonymous (04/01/2014) [-]
Now we've stopped even admitting we get this **** from tumblr.

For shame, marshmellowlord.
User avatar #2 - Durricane **User deleted account** (04/01/2014) [-]
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