An oldie but a goodie. . Cl Waffie House Millionaire ' 1' 1( Thu) 02: 06 ' l' 12 Eeveryone has decided to roll up monks. didn' t plan this out, we all showed up

An oldie but a goodie

Cl Waffie House Millionaire ' 1' 1( Thu) 02: 06 ' l' 12
Eeveryone has decided to roll up monks.
didn' t plan this out, we all showed up with insane , school names, etc.
DDM quietly puts away the notes forthe game he had been planning.
start out in a .
Monks, one LG, one LE are arguing about the best use ofthe power bestowed by mastery of .
good one says that kunglao shows that we all have a place in life.
Evil one believes that kunglao masters should rest at the top-
character is a drunken master, (CIM fiat)
over to table.
joined bythe other guy, LN.
cant agree on anything.
Fiinally say somethingelse lets us stoppie philosophic debate.
We should decide this like warriors."
all around.
dude goes first, by virtue ofthe improved initiative feat.
to flippable aside dramatically.
Drolls a two.
Heaving hurt his hand, he decides a flying kick over the table would be better.
wells acrobatics and attack.
catches side affable, halls onto chair, and flips over backwards.
kl throw my saki the the good dude.
catches it it back.
llt breaks on my hace.
locatable, breaking it in half.
lantern on the table falls over on me and I go jump in the decorative pond outside to put myself out.
good andthe neutral monk stare eachouther down.
good one attempts to punch him.
ewe. two one.
Ttrips overtroll, dislocates own arm.
guy does a out of the way.
Hells acrobatics, one forms lump. one forms landing.
Chrashes into nearby importable, knocks himself out-
all took slightly less than six seconds.
store guy yells at us for wrecking his shop.
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User avatar #1 - charagrin ONLINE (03/28/2014) [-]
I laugh every time I see these DND stories. Nostalgia, I miss playing.
#2 - jusktiinah (03/28/2014) [+] (1 reply)
I just imagined these four monks trying to find and being knocked out by a table.
User avatar #4 - ianchrist (03/29/2014) [-]
DND stories?

I have a few.

> we were in a town and our ranger decides he wants to check out the local tavern. >The rest of us go to do other stuff.
>Our main objective is to gain followers to help us raid an evil fort.
>inside the tavern the ranger orders a drink
>DM decides to be funny.
>>Ranger is gay IRL
>>>DM makes all the drinks feminine drinks, and the glasses are shaped like dicks
>Ranger uses logic and reasons that everyone else in the tavern must be gay
>Gets idea
>Ranger uses mixture of nature, insight, and streetwise to learn how to stroke the glass seductively.
>Rolls amazing each time
> Every guy in the bar is seduced, watching him stroke the dick-shaped glass.
>They follow him out of the bar.
>We're outside, trying to pay some mercenaries or something. They want lots of gold that we dont have.
>ranger comes out, 30 buff men in tow.
>"Dudes, I got this"
>Proceed to attack enemies with army of gay men.
>(end up loosing all of them when our boat gets capsized, but hey, thats what happens when you lock up your gay people in cages below deck)
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