Adventures on Omegle. Of all of the accounts I've had over the years, this is the only time I've been able to say it's me in content. It feels good.. til mettle
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Adventures on Omegle

Of all of the accounts I've had over the years, this is the only time I've been able to say it's me in content. It feels good.

til mettle Tame strangers'.
You' re now chatting with a random stranger. Say M
Question to discuss:
i molest children
You: that' s cool.
Stranger: oh ck
You: I prefer adults
You: or dogs.
You: or horses...
You: sheep
You: pretty much anything not a child...
Stranger: more of a kind of guy myself
Stranger: something about those gills
You: We ****** cad for God' s sake, but a kid?
You: That' sjust ****** op,
You: I know what you mean, that' s how I ended T in bed with a Tuna.
Stranger: oh man, i gotta ask
You: Sexy bastard never even called me.
Stranger: how did you get it to work with the cactus?
You: That may be due to me cooking up some Tuna steaks Mer...
You: The cactus was in my ass.
Stranger: me and my wife, we be eachother, but sex just doesnt work
You: ttet horrible.
You: I highly recommend the cactus though... it was worth all the pain.
Stranger: oh is that how it goes? I gotta tell her
You: Hell, its 3 years later and I' m STILL pulling needles out of my rectum.
You: But every one brings immense pleasure.
You: Seriously, you two should try t
Stranger: cool beans
Stranger: its the git that keeps on giving, basically
You: Pretty much, I' been on a constant orgasm since that day. ts amazing. As long as I flex my Whole I cam: perfect.
Stranger: I Went been able to (lex my butthole in a long time... not since the accident anyway
You: Damn prolapses... leev min everything.
hggr, it
You: Well, it' s been on you sex tips stap, Please, use them on your wile, and it you " chance, , a tuna and a cactus. MII have one hell of l night.
You have disconnected.
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Submitted: 02/20/2014
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til mettle Tame strangers
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